Broken love

For the salvage contest.


3. three

I burst through the front doors of my parents house. Not to imply I normal knock. I don't.

"MUM! DAD! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?" The anger of the moment pulsing through my blood as I scream. "YOUVE GOT SOME BLOODY EXPLAINING TO DO!"

The door clicks behind me and I know Lily has come in. She told me her name in the car when I said I was Scarlet. She just laughed at that. She laughs at everything, like its pointless not funny.

I turn to speak to her but her mouth hangs open. The sheer size of this house astonishes everyone. It's pretty plain if you ask me. Some people just don't understand what it's like to be rich. Sucks to be them. I'm just about to explain my parents riches when they walk in.

Looking perfectly clean and neat as always my mum walks towards me, her heals clicking on the floor. "What on earth were you shouting about, darli—" She stops walking. She stares. I know what she's looking at. Who she's looking at. It confirms it all.

"So we are related," I say. It's comes out as the least emotional thing I've ever said.

"I can explain, darling." Although I can tell from the shaking of her lower lip she can't.

"If I may interject," Lily says from behind me, "I think we should all sit down. Perhaps in a living area with comfortable seats."

My dad also speaks up by saying, "Yes. Very well. This way." He points through the doors my parents just entered through, they lead to the lounge.

So far everything has been rather quiet and painless. That's what's scaring me as I sit down. The fact that I have a nagging feeling this can only get worse. That something that went quite smoothly couldn't have gone that much better.

"Didn't expect to see me did you?" Lily's voice is calm and level, as it frequently is.

"No." My mum states. "Did you expect to see us?"

Lily is blankly staring at the floor. "No." She looks up, straight at my mum. "I never saw you. Not really. My eyes couldn't even see colour when you left me. I knew I'd never see you again because that's what they all told me. When you only have fake parents, you have no choice to believe them. There is nothing else to believe." Lily did what she had done in the shop. She didn't cry, not visibly apart from the tears.

"We thought it would be best, for Scarlet. You... You weren't..." This is the moment my mum breaks. She shatters in front of us all, in to hard, racking sobs. Tears stream from her eyes at a higher pace than they do from Lily's and this seems unfair. Even though I still don't understand quite what's happening I know that Lily got hurt more than mum.

"So, what happened?" I try to direct it at dad. He seems most 'together'.

"Lily, when she was born, was very ill. They said... Well, the doctors, they said. They said she... She wouldn't..." Then he breaks too. He stares at the floor blinking back the pain.

I am alone, totally confused and in a room of severely upset people.

It remains this way for way too long. Then out of the blue I get an answer from the least yet most expected person.

"I was born with a cancer. It runs in the DNA of our family. It's so rare I had to be shipped off to a special ward twenty four hours after being born. Your parents. Sorry, our parents, had to make a choice. Move away from this fancy house and their jobs and their lives to be with me, the baby who wouldn't love til five, or stay here and bring you up like I never happened." She paused waiting for a response but I just sit totally confused. "Well, do I need to say anymore?"

I feel emotions hit me like a tidal wave. Ones I know, ones I have never felt before. One thing is for sure though, they all hurt.

"One question. Just the one. How are you here? Your clearly not five." It was all I had, all I could process. The her that was sat here was very much alive.

"Give it a week or two." She stops to think and even though I have known her about an hour I know she is looking for a quote. "As JK Rowling said: To the well-organised mind, death is but the next great adventure."

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