Broken love

For the salvage contest.


4. epilogue

Surely enough Lily, the sister I once had, died next to me just 11 days later.

In the little time I knew her she quoted more quotes than I knew possible.

She thought of more ways to confuse me with words than I can remember.

But more to the point she didn't die alone and I got to meet my sister before she died.

I watched her sleep and realised that her skin was blue and her hair was short from the treatment. She wasn't ugly like I first thought. She was a warrior. The one who was unlucky. The one with the rubbish parents.

I hate my parents for not telling me about her. I don't know when I'll speak to them again. They left her and I just can't bare to think how easily I could have been the second child. The one who had the cancerous cells. The one born just a year after my parents first child, who was destined to never know.

I found out because of the brat I was in a shop. I found Lily. And it really was fate. The world knew she had to go and so it gave her one last gift.

She gave me a gift too. Two days before she left she gave me a piece of paper. It was thick paper, nearly card. It had been folded in half and sealed shut with a thin strip of masking tape. She told me not to open it until she was gone, else it wouldn't be special. So that's what I did. The writing was neat and the words perfect. She had done this in her last week, in her weakest days. It is the best gift I have ever gotten and this is what it says.

I always had this coming,

This was how it was planned.

I wasn't meant to be this old,

I was meant to be young and weak.

But as you mumbled to me the other day,

I am a warrior and I have to stay strong.

As you read this, I am gone.

Under a sheet where I belong.

Don't let this make you sad,

You didn't even know me two weeks.

Maybe you should have long ago,

But that's just not how it went.

-Lily, your sister

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