Love Me Forever

This is a romance story about 2 people who fall in love and are ripped apart because their families don't like each and it is about what the girl goes through to get her true love back, but what she doesn't know is he falls in love with another girl during the time they are apart! Do they get back together or not? The reason I have said this is mature content is because it has some romance in that is better for older readers than younger readers!


1. Finding the one you love!

I never thought I would find someone that truly made me happy, that understood me, who loved me for what I am! Like any fairy tale I found my Prince Charming. It never comes easily though, if you are to find your perfect Prince Charming there is a lot you have to sacrifice. We had no idea one another existed until my first day of Year 10! 

I was walking down the hallway to my first lesson when my friend Lilac stopped me in my tracks! "Hey, I'm guessing your holidays were good, enough chit chat! Now the serious stuff, have you heard about that new boy starting his name is something like Peeta. That name is like so hot!!" She excitedly announced. "Yeah, I heard, my Mum seemed pretty angry when she found out,!not sure why!" I replied. I then hurried off to my first lesson. 

When I stepped into the classroom I felt excitement run through me, there he was, Peeta.  

Authors notes:

Sorry there is not a lot here I hope you enjoy what I have written, I will write more ASAP, comment on how you think I'm doing!

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