Double Dilemma - Weasley twins.

Two friends.
Two twins.
Twice as much drama, romance and trouble.

Sorry if there's a couple ( or a lot) spelling or grammar mistakes. I'm danish :O


1. Rain in the Great Hall - Ludmilla POV.



Ludmilla's POV.





I walked past a few first years . Poor children, they were running quite confused around and breathing heavily. They had wild eyes, and tripped (properly because their robes was far too long for them). I strongly suspect that they were lost, and late for their classes.  Oh well, I turned around and grabbed a black haired boy by his wrist (okay, that sounds a little violent – it wasn’t). He looked scared. But I couldn't blame him, really.

“Hi, um, are you guys lost?” I said with a rather high pitch. He simply janked his wrist out of my grip and ran towards his friends.  

I couldn’t be that scray.

“Alrighty then…”

My friend Anna from Ravenclaw house ran towards me. She had wet hair and clothes. she stopped just a meter ahead of me and took deep, shaky breaths . I wondered was had happened to her, and was just about to ask, but she was faster than me.

“Peeves… Fred…. George… Stupid… Rain…Idiots” she took a deep breath between the words, and pointed towards the Great Hall;

It was very clear that something had happened in there. Many students ran out, some mumbled a few curse words. Rain was pouring down from the celling in the Great Hall. A ghostly figure was floating just above the Head Masters chair. George and Fred (yes, I said George first. Cause I’m rebellious) Weasley was flying around, laughing on their broomsticks.

Anna had gotten her breath back again and stood just besides me. Many teachers were now running into the Great Hall with their wands raised. I rested my elbow in Anna’s shoulder and sighed.

“We arrived yesterday and already have those silly, red haired-“

“Handsome” Anna added.

“- Weasley twins caused problems” I finished.


We stood there for a while, watching the teachers clean up Peeves, Fred and Georges mess. Professor Mcgonagall had taken the twins aside, clearly yelling at them (quite loudly. So loud that we were able to ears drop).

“… Never have I seen such a disgraceful behavior from you too THIS early! Professor Flitwich could have drowned!”

Fred and George couldn’t stop giggling at that last comment. Mcgonagall looked furious. She raised her wand so it pointed directly at their noses.

“Oh, so you think it’s funny? How disappointed I am over you too! Nearly drowned a professor and now giggling at it! Fifty points from Gryffindor” She said with anger and stormed away before the twins could have said anything.


Fred had cheeky smile on his face and was clearly near shocking in his own laugh.

“That’s unfair! We can’t help that professor Flitwich can stand in a bathtub, and drown in it…” George mumbled.

“Well, if I know Granger she’s properly earned twice the amount of points that we lost –“

“By this ‘accident’” George added.

“-just by being herself” Fred finished as he glanced in our direction. I could imagine Anna looking quite mad, but when I looked at her, she was smiling really cheeky ( and like she couldn’t really help it).

“ Oh, Anna sorry we made you so wet!” Fred yelled and then creaked up in laughter afterwards. So did George and I as we stared at each other (Merlin’s beard that boy had gorgeous eyes).

Anna and I decided that we’d ditch transfiguration (since we both basically rocked that subject) and headed  to the libray instead. 

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