Put Down The Razor Darling

This story is about a young girl that goes through life being bullied. Her parents beat her, she has no friends. And she just wants to end it all but then someone helps her through it.


2. The First Cut

My Name Is Peyton And I am 14 Years old. I live in Australia. I have blonde hair, blues eyes, and tan skin. Some people think I am Hawaiian but clearly I am not. I am not very tall I'm about 5'5. And I am not the skinniest person you'll meet. Okay so basically my life sucks. It all stared on the first day of school. I was in Mrs. Websters class. Well My worst enemy was also in that class. It was Michelle Taylor. She has hated me ever since the 3rd grade. I knew she was going to make this year miserable for me. Well on the second day of school I was in the cafeteria and Everyone just started laughing at me. I didn't understand why until I went to the bathroom. On my back was a sign that said "loser" I wasn't going to jump to conclusions but I had a feeling that it was Michelle. I didn't let it bother me because it was a stupid piece of paper. Oh well...Well I liked school more than home. I say this because I have foster parents that lets say don't treat me normal. Instead of a child I'm a slave. If I don't do what they say they beat me. My real parents died when I was 4. I don't really remember them that much. And I did have a sister but we were seperated. On the second day of school the games got harder. Michelle added in her friends. It is kind of like the movie "Mean Girls" But they put signs all over the school with my picture calling me: Hoe, Skank, gross, orphin....anything you can think of. All I could do was cry. That did hurt me a lot. When I went home I went as fast as possible. And I took all the sharp objects from the bathroom and started making cuts... THe more cuts the better. And I cut until I couldn't feel the pain anymore.
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