Put Down The Razor Darling

This story is about a young girl that goes through life being bullied. Her parents beat her, she has no friends. And she just wants to end it all but then someone helps her through it.


3. The Depressed One

The next few weeks of school it got worse and worse. More bullying more abuse and even more cuts. I used to sit anywhere in class and actually do my work. Now It's the very last chair, and I'm failing. And Michelle has an even bigger alliance. I don't understand why I let myself get treated this way. 

I guess I am just to weak to stand up to her. And I don't have anyone to back me up. It's gotten so bad that everyone calls me, even some of the teachers call me, "The Depressed One." I don't know what to do. In class all I do is lay my head down and cry. I refuse to eat, or smile. I officially hate myself. 

I went home today and we got new neighbors. I'm not much of a talker so I just kept my distance. My foster mom told me to clean the entire house before 8:00 that meant I had 2:00 hours. She said if I didn't clean it I had sleep on the porch. 

While I was cleaning I noticed that the neighbors had a son that looked my age. I wondered if we would get a new student at school. But I didn't think on it much I had to focus on cleaning. Luckily I finished just in time it started getting cold outside.

At school we did get a new kid. It was my new neighbor and was perfect. But He probably liked Michelle because she was "popular and pretty." But I didn't really care because I was "perfectly" fine with being alone.

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