The doctor who points strong lights in his daughter's face

The same bad dream comes every night and he wakes up scared,the dream is his father and mother sit beside him pointing the strong light onto his face everyday or minute once he enters his home.They used to wake him up in his childhood by pointing the strong red or white spot light in his face and made him sleep in it by the force despite his begging and continuous cry and screams to keep away the painful light from his face.
Despite his cry every night not to torture him they also put the strong red light focused onto his left eye causing him severe and painful eye pain to the extent he could not open his eyes and close them with many cries and screams but no one to save him from these monsters.

At this moment, he decided to came out of his bed,opened the door,took the torch and walked the long dark lobby and entered his daughter's room.This night his wife was not in home she was travelling abroad in her work.He stood by the door .Read more on


5. The doctor who points strong lights in his daughter's face (3)

Why this happens to her, she does not know when it exactly began or why hears what she is hearing she does not know too. She slept and she wake up and that is happened to her. Actually, she got too much confused and scared for all what she seen she saw a lot of cats' faces filling a whole wall, foxes and skulls on carpets. A sound saying on the first promise of prophet Suleiman, on the first promise. Then something says I like that body so much it means her body. Then, a black cat appears when she was praying to God to elevate this from her. She went crazy and went to a doctor who says that she is Schizophrenic. He gave her a very heavy medicine to the extent she could not speak too well and she sleeps 14 hours in day.

By time she got enhanced but still sees that black cat on walls everywhere and a black point in front of her left eye. She is hearing some insults from no where but at least much better than what was hearing before.

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