The doctor who points strong lights in his daughter's face

The same bad dream comes every night and he wakes up scared,the dream is his father and mother sit beside him pointing the strong light onto his face everyday or minute once he enters his home.They used to wake him up in his childhood by pointing the strong red or white spot light in his face and made him sleep in it by the force despite his begging and continuous cry and screams to keep away the painful light from his face.
Despite his cry every night not to torture him they also put the strong red light focused onto his left eye causing him severe and painful eye pain to the extent he could not open his eyes and close them with many cries and screams but no one to save him from these monsters.

At this moment, he decided to came out of his bed,opened the door,took the torch and walked the long dark lobby and entered his daughter's room.This night his wife was not in home she was travelling abroad in her work.He stood by the door .Read more on


4. The doctor who points strong lights in his daughter's face (2)

 She did not tell anyone even her mother when she came from her business trip. Her father stopped for a while but kept threatening her not to tell anyone. The little girl changed to be an introverted personality. This was not very observed very much when she was young but when she finished her education and tried to find a job this was clearly observed. She could not deal with the society in work and clashed too much with her managers and colleagues. She left her first job because she got tired that girl was so ideal in her opinions and dreams to complete in her job even if it is a very good job opportunity.  Her father dead, he did not left to them anything from the pharmacy as he had written it to his brother. Only he left the pension from the Association of pharmacists. However, she was quiet and has trust in God she will find another job and that is only an experience she passed through. After, one year

 She found a good job nearby her home in a company. She was so happy as they needed her experience that she gained from her previous job. The managers were very kind and colleagues too. It was a perfect job and she began to prove herself in the company after 2 years. But, unfortunately the work place has been transferred plus they have closed that section she worked in. That is why she again found herself jobless and in need for money even if her father's pension is covering her but in this time where everything is expensive she needs money. Besides, she used to work so she wants to have any new opportunity in these difficult circumstances.

However, she got suddenly so tired from these circumstances she began to see very were things and hear more were that she sees. She hears things like we are from the age of prophet Soliman, Abdulla Ben Dawood, she sees a black cat with white eyes and  a black cat with red ones.

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