The doctor who points strong lights in his daughter's face

The same bad dream comes every night and he wakes up scared,the dream is his father and mother sit beside him pointing the strong light onto his face everyday or minute once he enters his home.They used to wake him up in his childhood by pointing the strong red or white spot light in his face and made him sleep in it by the force despite his begging and continuous cry and screams to keep away the painful light from his face.
Despite his cry every night not to torture him they also put the strong red light focused onto his left eye causing him severe and painful eye pain to the extent he could not open his eyes and close them with many cries and screams but no one to save him from these monsters.

At this moment, he decided to came out of his bed,opened the door,took the torch and walked the long dark lobby and entered his daughter's room.This night his wife was not in home she was travelling abroad in her work.He stood by the door .Read more on


3. Still having pleasure with this torture despite the screams

At 12 o'clock the father closed his pharmacy feeling so happy his wife will be out of home for whole 5 days and he will do his secret actions with pleasure. This lights pointing make me feel strong happy satisfied and trance, I could never describe the the feel of joy and happiness in pointing the strong light into her face listening to her beautiful little sound crying and begging me to close the light telling me father I could not sleep my eyes hurt me my skin irritates me and then how she scratches her face and tries to cover her face and eyes with her little hands is so funny hhhhhhhhh how beautiful and wonderful feeling this is so funny scene come o daughter do it again cry more weep more and scream more let me hear your beautiful sound begging me please do it again and again oooops the little girl fainted again of God stupid little one I will wait until she wake up any way it is just 4 o'clock in the morning and it is Friday , she has no school and I will not go to the pharmacy today , the selling girl will open it today is my joy and happiness day. What that is her sound again she waked up oh God that is good where is the other light torch ,and he opened the one torch at the center of her face and the other one directly into her left eye only the left eye and he kept pointing the whole day.


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