The doctor who points strong lights in his daughter's face

The same bad dream comes every night and he wakes up scared,the dream is his father and mother sit beside him pointing the strong light onto his face everyday or minute once he enters his home.They used to wake him up in his childhood by pointing the strong red or white spot light in his face and made him sleep in it by the force despite his begging and continuous cry and screams to keep away the painful light from his face.
Despite his cry every night not to torture him they also put the strong red light focused onto his left eye causing him severe and painful eye pain to the extent he could not open his eyes and close them with many cries and screams but no one to save him from these monsters.

At this moment, he decided to came out of his bed,opened the door,took the torch and walked the long dark lobby and entered his daughter's room.This night his wife was not in home she was travelling abroad in her work.He stood by the door .Read more on


2. Continuing the torture-and feeling pleasure

At 6 o'clock in the morning, the father wake up from his bed as he did nothing to his daughter yesterday. He is feeling happy and strong satisfying his desire to put the light in the face of closed ones to him. He thought this the normal to be done with children. When he reached his daughter's room he knocked on the door and opened it to find the little girl not moving but only laying on her back looking up in the Ceil with a scary and silent look. Her went and hold her hand telling her to get up and be ready to go to school, he even did not help her to put on her cloth.

He drove her to school and then went to his work in the pharmacy. Surprisingly, he was a pharmacy doctor.

The little girl never dared to tell her teachers or her mother about what her father is doing into her face when she is alone at home with him. She was terrified from his

threatening that he will point a very strong light even more stronger into her face that burn her face skin like fire burning papers.

At 3 o'clock afternoon, he drove her home telling her that her mother will not come today and she will stay at the business trip for another 5 days. In the way to home he bought her a sandwich from the restaurant near home for lunch, telling her he will go to work and she will stay home alone and she should be polite and do her homework and maybe she could have her dinner and sleep if she wants to as he will be late home from work. The little girl nodded her head ,she was silent all the time and never could speak in his presence. Once, she entered the home she burst in a very long cry as she will be alone for coming 5 days ,she know what will happen to her face in the night.

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