Fatal Attractions (A Harry Styles Bad Boy Story)

Hannah Leigh was a normal 17 year old Ballerina at a American high school called WaterWest High. She and her two brothers were very close until her parents died in a car wreak! She then moved from New Orleans to Bradford to live with her PenPal and Bestfriend, Anna and her big brother Zayn

When Hannah moves in though, She ends up catching Harry's eye. He's one of the biggest players at school and has a new girl every other week. He's always sleeping around, Partying, and drinking, occasionally fighting? She's a dancer!

Harry's brother, Edward, also has a attraction to her, but he shows it more than Harry. He flirts more and tries touching her and stuff. Well...What happens when Edward physically and emotionally hurts her? Let's find out!


1. Prologue

Authors Note!: Before we start, I wanna explain that this story is dedicated to one of my very best friends! She's so sweet and bubby and just full of life! She's always there to pick people up when their down and is always there for me so this story is dedicated to her, Miss Hannah! Don't be surprised if more stories dedicated to her come out in the future!



Hannah's P.O.V!

Okay, first off, this is my weird life right now. This won't be considered a chapter, but kinda a lay out of what I was thinking and what has happened kinda!

When I moved to England, this craziness was the last thing I'd expect! This move was pretty hard for me since I'm moving from New Orleans to England. I was told I was going to live with my Penpal, Anna and her Brother Zayn.

When I got there, Anna and Zayn were there with open arms as I was knew and had no idea where these places are or anything! It was hard for me to leave America since my brothers stayed.

It was weird talking to Anna in person since she was American yet all these different things! Part Irish, part British...I was lucky that someone was there that understood me though.

I love doing tons of stuff, but my main passion...Dancing. I love dancing and I've done it since I was a little girl. It was my escape, my life, my world. It always will be. I couldn't imagine my life workout it! My life would be a mess.

When we got home, Anna and Zayn helped me get the boxes inside and to my new room. It was small, but perfect and cozy! I remember Anna asking in a letter how I wanted my dream room and to send a picture and it was perfect! The grey walks and lights made my room so perfect and beautiful. The way the lights are strung, it made me hate the way my old room was. My favorite thing on my walls though...the quote above my bed that read, 'Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer.' Perrie and Anna both helped me put pictures and stuff on my walls that day when Perrie came over and I instantly hugged them all. They put so much work into making me feel welcomed! I couldn't be happier with my new family though.


Link to Hannah's Bedroom:



Authors' Note!: I know it's short, but like I said, it's dedicated to my friend and I wanted it up!

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