Fatal Attractions (A Harry Styles Bad Boy Story)

Hannah Leigh was a normal 17 year old Ballerina at a American high school called WaterWest High. She and her two brothers were very close until her parents died in a car wreak! She then moved from New Orleans to Bradford to live with her PenPal and Bestfriend, Anna and her big brother Zayn

When Hannah moves in though, She ends up catching Harry's eye. He's one of the biggest players at school and has a new girl every other week. He's always sleeping around, Partying, and drinking, occasionally fighting? She's a dancer!

Harry's brother, Edward, also has a attraction to her, but he shows it more than Harry. He flirts more and tries touching her and stuff. Well...What happens when Edward physically and emotionally hurts her? Let's find out!


4. Chapter Three (Warning! Rape Trigger!)

Warning: This will contain a rape scene, so do not read if you will be upset by this. I do NOT encourage Rape on any circumstance, it's just to add drama, because believe me, I've been molested and almost raped, so I do not encourage it, but later, I'll edit this chapter to add an alternate so the rape is NOT shown! Thank you and I love you all! Xx

Anna's POV


I stood still and frozen. The Irish man behind me was intoxicated and probably high. I took a deep breath as his lips pressed against my neck. My eyes closed as his arms tightened around me. 'Stay calm, Anna. He's drunk, he won't remember a thing in the morning...' I told myself. I didn't know that Zayn and Perrie had went to her house and Hannah had went to sleep.

I was alone...sure Hannah was home, but Hannah is a heavy sleeper. I could barely wake her up this morning. I swallowed hard and groaned. His hands slipped up my sweater, slowly creeping higher and higher. I had to think of something!

I felt him turn me around and his lips pressed to my neck. His hands sliding up my sweater. My breathing got hard and I lifted my knee and then hit him right where it hurt. When he crouched over, I pushed him off and ran. I pulled my hair in a messy bun and ran. I ran towards Hannah's room and started banging.

"Damn it, Hannah! Open up!" I knocked quickly and teared up. My light blue eyes shut tight and I banged harder as I wait for a answer. I saw the girl open the door and I quickly push her in and I rush in with her. I quickly locked the door and grabbed her phone. "Call Zayn!" He told her as tears fall.

"What happened, Anna?" She asked. Curiosity laced in her voice. I sniffled and go to say something, until there was a hard and loud bang at the door, almost sounding like thunder.

"Open this Damn door! If you don't, I'll kick it it, damn it!" He bangs at the door. Tears fall more from my eyes and I back against the wall. I saw Hannah quickly dial Zayn's number after opening her window to make it look like we jumped out of her room. She then quickly pulled me up and rushed us into her bathroom. She kept calling Zayn until he answered, but once he did, it sounded like he was busy. Hannah had it on speaker so we could both hear. All you could hear were grunts and Perrie's moans. It made me wanna cry more especially after what just happened. Once Hannah got Zayn's attention and explained, he quickly got up and said he was on the way and to stay put.

I stayed balled up in a corner until I heard banging at Hannah's door. I turned my body away and sniffled. "Tell him to hurry up!" I cried in a shaky voice. This is the first time in a long time Niall has done this and it scared me.

All you could hear for about fifteen minutes were profanities and Irish slurs. A bang on the door. Niall was pissed with me and drunk, I am positive that if Niall gets in here, someone will die, and that might be me. I could hear the wood of the door being broke apart and a bang against the wall. Tears fell harder and I curled up more.

Hannah had came and sat beside me and pulled me into her side. I was always knows as a big baby because I'm so sensitive. Now I know it's true. I coughed hard and suddenly stopped when a soft knock came from the bathroom door. Hannah slowly got up and walked over, slowly unlocking it and opening it to reveal my older brother. My blue eyes slowly close then reopen. I started breathing hard and just broke down. I curled into his chest and just sobbed.

I seen the police in Hannah's room and cuffing Niall, since the door is open. The last thing I seen was a nasty smirk and a blood curdling laugh that could make my skin crawl.

Hannah's P.O.V.

Once we got Anna into her bed and tucked in, I went down to start dinner so Zayn could keep an eye on her. I seen he brought Perrie so I pulled her into the kitchen for help. Apparently he told her to stay so she wouldn't get hurt.

We started cooking some Grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and some chicken strips. We figured kiddy food and some soup would help after tonight. Once it was done, I called Zayn down and helped Perrie set the food on the table and fix drinks.

Perrie and I sat down then Zayn walked Anna in the dining room with a blanket around her. She was pretty shaken up after tonight, and I was worried. Was Niall always like this? Why would he do it, and what causes him to...? We all ate and chatted. Anna had said a few things, but I was worried. I sighed and watched as Zayn and Perrie talked about some of the arrangements for the wedding.

Once dinner was over, we watched a movie then went to bed.

Anna's P.O.V.

A few hours later, I was laying in my bed, sleeping, when I suddenly felt a dip in my bed. Two strong arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me in, but I ignored it...that is until I felt rope being tied. I was fast asleep and all I know was someone was in my room, but I figured it was Hannah or Zayn. I felt my hands being pulled above my head and tied to my head board, and that confused me, then I felt my ankles being tied to the ends of my bed. I tried to break free of my dreams, but sleep wouldn't let me. I heard a soft chuckle and I could feel a cold blade lightly sliding down my face. I groaned and stirred a little.

My hair fell in my face a little, but ignored it. I slowly felt cold and my clothes being ripped off by the blade that traced my skin moments ago. The sharp edges tracing my heated skin. Sleep finically decided to let me break free, as I started tugging at my restrains. I slowly opened my eyes and they like to of bugged out of my head. I saw the same Irish man from earlier. I tugged more as I hoped I could get out. Just as I was about to scream, I felt cold sticky grey duck tape slap over my mouth.

I couldn't tell what was happening, until I seen Niall grab a bandana from the side of the bed. He must have been using it as a blindfold because he wrapped it around my head to cover my eyes. I started to try to scream, but I felt since I had duck tape over my mouth. I sniffled as tugged at the restrains. I could hear a zipper at this point being undone and I knew it was over with.

I heard cloths being dropped and I just tensed up when I felt the dip in my bed return. His large hands gripped my roped wrists and I heard his deep Irish accent whisper in my ear. "Do not EVER do that again...do you understand me?" He growled in my ear before thrusting hard In me, no time to adjust. I tried screaming, but it was no use. Hard, deep, and long strokes formed which I eventually passed out as he continued to use me for his own pleasure and revenge.

After he got done and dressed, he untied me and left the same way he came in. I removed the blindfold and tape and turned my bedside table on to reveal blood staining my sheets. I liked to of passed out again when I saw it!

I got up and stripped my sheets off my bed and took them to the laundry room. As I started washing, I shook my head and thought, 'What's the point in me living...all I do if help people and I get hurt in the end...' I sniffled and walked upstairs into my room and I locked my bedroom door and windows. I walked into my bathroom and disabled one of my razors and walked back into my bed room. I sat down in my bubble chair and took a deep breath. My blue eyes focused on my wrists that had bruises forming on them. I slowly started to make small, invisible cuts until they slowly grew larger and more visible. After that they just grew deeper. I watched as the scarlet red blood dripped down my arms. I had put some clothes on once I got up, but it didn't really help since I was probably gonna die anyways. The last think I seen was my walls before I passed out.

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