Fatal Attractions (A Harry Styles Bad Boy Story)

Hannah Leigh was a normal 17 year old Ballerina at a American high school called WaterWest High. She and her two brothers were very close until her parents died in a car wreak! She then moved from New Orleans to Bradford to live with her PenPal and Bestfriend, Anna and her big brother Zayn

When Hannah moves in though, She ends up catching Harry's eye. He's one of the biggest players at school and has a new girl every other week. He's always sleeping around, Partying, and drinking, occasionally fighting? She's a dancer!

Harry's brother, Edward, also has a attraction to her, but he shows it more than Harry. He flirts more and tries touching her and stuff. Well...What happens when Edward physically and emotionally hurts her? Let's find out!


2. Chapter One

Anna's P.O.V

I woke up early that morning since I told Hannah we were going shopping this morning. I shut my alarm clock off and went and hopped into the shower. After my shower, I got dressed then went into Hannah's room with a bullhorn since I was told she was a heavy sleepy. I went into her room and seen Hannah sprawled half way across her bed. With a shake of my head, I walked towards her bed.

My index finger pressed the button down hard and the bullhorn pressed right at her ear.

"Are you serious!" I exclaimed before storming down to Zayn's room. "Zayn!" I screamed through the house.

I kicked his door in and seen Perrie curled up to his chest. His tattooed arms wrapped tightly around her, Almost in a protective hug.

"ZAYN! Wake Your Ass UP!" I screamed before going and blowing my bullhorn in Zayn's ear.

His brown eyes popped open at the sight of the bullhorn.

"Anna! What the fuck?" He asks tiredly. "Hannah won't wake up!" I groan. Him and Perrie slowly climb out of bed while I run through the house. I quickly rushed up to Hannah's room to now find her in her bra and nike shorts. I couldn't believe she ended up in her bra and shorts. I walked over and sat on the side before blowing the bullhorn in her ear. Her eyes slowly fluttered open and she looked kinda confused.

"What's going on?" Her voice was soft and quiet as if very innocently confused.

"We're going shopping...Remember?" I asked curiously. I knew she probably needed to go so I decided I would take her. Perrie, Danielle, Eleanor, Hannah, and I are going and I was so excited. I rubbed her back as she rose up. "Get ready." I smiled before getting a shower.

-A Few hours later- (Still Anna's P.O.V)

We're all currently walking around the wall, giggles and laughter surrounding us when I felt an uneasy presence. I didn't know what it was and I honestly didnt wanna find out. My light blue eyes scanned the mall as Danielle hip bumped me, this, snapping me out of my trance. I smiled widely as we started a converstation about before her and Liam broke up.

We kept walking until we got to the food court and I noticed Hannah staring at my curly hair 'brother'. I always called they guys my brothers as they are my brothers bestfriends. I noticed Hannah turned to me.

"Who is he?" She asked soft, referring to Harry.

"That's Harry." I pointed out. I couldn't tell her about the gang that he's involved in, at least, not yet. If she asks the, yes I will, other wise then no.

I looked over and noticed my Irish bestfriend, his normal crystal blue eyes are now not as bright, but they still have that mesmerizing color that could make your heart melt. He had turned to a dangerous life of Drugs and Alcohol. He is apart of Harry's gang also, but it worries me! Something could haappen to him anyday, but he's to messed up to care, thats what breaks my heart the most.

I sighed at the thought as I heard Perrie whisper to her the words, "Don't get involved with him...He's bad news." All I could think at this point was, 'Shit...I'm screwed..'

I sat by my brother after going to order some food. I could help, but feel like something was wrong, but what? I shrugged it off though and sat between Niall and Zayn. I ran my fingers through my sky blue hair though as I knew something was wrong. I couldn't put it together, but I know it's not good. I shifted a little as those one, crystal, loving, and full-of-life blue eyes stared down at me. Maybe it was Niall? Was something up with him?

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