Traveling through time

This is a story of Ginny Weasley going back in time whilst trying to figure out how to escape this strange dimension!!


2. Where am I?

Waking up to the sound of a million things whispering at once is never a laid back feeling. So I just screamed. Yes, just screamed. Then my next reaction was to kick whatever I could, grab it and throw it as far away as possible! Obviously as soon as you do this these 'things' are more interested in you so they climb on top of you. I knew that if I opened my eyes I would be lying in my bed all alone. Unfortunately that's not how reality works. 

I opened my eyes to find thousands of Dobby's climbing all over me! I blinked and when I opened my eyes I saw Harry, a younger Harry, a baby Harry in his Mothers arms with his Father next to them! They were in the hospital, Harry had just been born! But why was that, Harry has lived a full childhood and is an adult, where am I?

I don't understand why Harry's parent's are here and why Harry is being born again, I can't still be in a dream , can I? Or have I gone to the past, we'll of course I can't be in the past that would be redicilious! I must still be in a dream! But for some odd reason I feel  awake!

I looked up to find my own Mother and Father there! I was in my Mothers arms and just like Harry's Father, my Father was stood next to my Mother!

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