Traveling through time

This is a story of Ginny Weasley going back in time whilst trying to figure out how to escape this strange dimension!!


3. In the Past... What?

"Hey, Mum can you hear me?" I softly asked. There was no reply . I guess I am just, Harry, he might be able to hear me! "Harry, can you hear me?" Again there was no reply, until I heard something crying my name! It was Harry. "Ginny, Ginny I can hear you," Harry stopped crying and laughed! "Where are you?" 

"Over here in my Mothers arms!" I replied.

"What do you mean in your Mothers arms? We're in Hogwarts,"Harry laughed. "I've been looking for you for ages!" 

"But, I'm in a !" I stammered. There was suddenly no noise. "Harry, are you still there?"

"Oh, how beautiful is she, just like her brothers." That was my Mother. My Mother she's talking!

"Mother, Mother, please say you can hear me!" I screamed.

"Oh, yes, are you OK, Ginny?" Mother asked.

"Yes, why am I in the hospital, why am I a baby again!" 

"What do you mean, aren't you in Hogwarts with Harry. He found you didn't..." 

"Mother." I knew at this point she had gone just like Harry had. I'm in the past!


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