The Fallen Direction: Together Again

*sequel to The Fallen Direction.*
Long Distance relationships? Yay...
Since the boys left that's what there's been.
They've be dying to see each other.
When The girls get on a plane to the UK will there still be relationships? Or will all sparks between anyone be gone? Stay tuned!
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7. Chapter 7: Flying to See You

I woke up at 3AM and headed down the airport. When I was on the plane, I went straight to sleep. Aria sat next to me. "Are we about to land?" I asked Aria. "Nope. Eight more hours chickadee." She said. I curled up in a ball and went back to sleep. Thank god I wore sweatpants and a hoodie.

8 hours later..

"Wake up Jayda! We're landing." Aria said. I woke up quickly. Many emotions were built inside of me; fear, excitement, hope, love, sadness, happiness. I didn't know whether to cry or to scream. We landed and left the plane. We searched around for the boys. "There they are!" Emily said. I ran over to Harry and wrapped my legs around his waist. "I missed you so much." I mumbled under the tears. "I missed you too, babe." He said. "Harry." I said. "Yes, love?" He asked. "I'm too lazy to walk." I said tiredly. "I'll carry you." He said. I smiled and he walked. Our bags were already on their way to the boys pent house. This was going to be fun.

He put me in the van. "OH MY GOSH." I shouted. "What?" Harry asked with concern. "I AM IN LONDON." I smiled. The girls and I screamed. This was my first time in London. I've always wanted to visit.

We made our way to the flat. I tweeted.

@JaydaDanielle_: I'm so happy to finally see my baby. :) xx @Harry_Styles.

Harry's phone flashed. Then mine.

He retweeeted me and then mentioned me.

@Harry_Styles: @JaydaDanielle_ I'm so happy to see you too. I love you. xxxxxx

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