The Fallen Direction: Together Again

*sequel to The Fallen Direction.*
Long Distance relationships? Yay...
Since the boys left that's what there's been.
They've be dying to see each other.
When The girls get on a plane to the UK will there still be relationships? Or will all sparks between anyone be gone? Stay tuned!
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6. Chapter 6: Last Show

I woke up to JT screaming. "Come on girls! Get up! Rehearsals in an hour!" He said too peppy. I groaned and threw my pillow at him. "Shut up!" I said. I was definitely not a morning person. "I feel the love." He said sarcastically. "Now get up!"

I groaned and pulled back the curtain of my bunk. I pounded on Emily's bunk. "I'm up." She mumbled. I looked to see Aria up, but laying down. I went to check the time. 8 AM. Yay. I launched to the shower and went to get on some sweats and a sports bra. This is how I liked recording the album. After recording we went to rehearse the dance routine. Our choreographer, Troy, was the nicest person you could meet. Tonight was the last show of the Love 86 tour and we wanted a special finale. We dance at all of our shows but we wanted a big number. Tonight was also the boys' last show. "Ready, and 5,6,7,8." Troy shouted as we did our dance moves.

"Great job girls! Your dismissed!" He clapped. It was now 1:30 PM and we had 6 hours until the show tonight. So we went back to the bus, got dressed and headed out to the streets of Los Angeles. The boys were in Washington right now. We went to the mall. "Forever 21?" I asked the girls and they nodded. We made our way to the store. "That top is life." I said. The girls giggling behind me. "Right! Let's get matching ones." Aria suggested. We walked over to the rack and picked out 3 of the same top. "I'm so excited for tomorrow!" Emily squealed. "I know!" I agreed. Tomorrow was our flight to London. Where the boys were meeting us.

It was now 4:30 and we were heading back for rehearsals. We had to do a pre-show. Which meant we had I act out how the show. I texted Harry.

Good luck on your show baby! Love you! xx

I smile and he texts me back.

Thanks! You too! Can't wait to see you! Love you too! x

I locked my phone.

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