The Fallen Direction: Together Again

*sequel to The Fallen Direction.*
Long Distance relationships? Yay...
Since the boys left that's what there's been.
They've be dying to see each other.
When The girls get on a plane to the UK will there still be relationships? Or will all sparks between anyone be gone? Stay tuned!
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5. Chapter 5: Only a week.

Jayda's P.O.V.

I woke up and got dressed. I had a show today. I Skype Harry. Luckily we are in the same time zone. Harry picks up. "Morning Baby Girl." He says and smiles. "Morning Babe." I blow him a kiss and he catches it. I giggle. "I miss you in my arms." Harry says with a pouty face. "And I miss being in your arms." I stuck my bottom lip out. I feel tears start to emerge. "What's wrong, love?" Harry asks concerned, "don't cry." He says. "I-I just m-miss you so m-much." I say. "I miss you too. Look, our anniversary is in a week. We are flying out to see each other. Only a week left babe." He says trying to comfort me. I nod my head slowly. "I'm missing some of my clothes though." He says. I laugh. "I took like half of them." I say giggling. "I've noticed." He says. "Baby, I have to go, show starts in 20." I blow him a kiss. "Jayda." He says before I hang up. "Yeah, Hazza?" I ask. "I want you to know that I love you." I smile. "I love you too, Hazza." I hang up. After not seeing Harry for about 7 months, I was pretty excited. If only a week could come fast enough. I pull out my phone to tweet: @JaydaDanielle_: I miss my Hazza.❤️ @Harry_Styles.

Harry tweets back. @Harry_Styles: I miss the love of my life. @JaydaDanielle_

I went to go get my hair and makeup done for the show. "Hey Jess!" I said to my makeup artist. "Hello honey!" She said back. Jess was about 30 and she was absolutely amazing. Very talented. When she was done Emily took my spot and I went over to Sara. My hairdresser. "Afternoon, Sara." I said and smiled. She did my hair and I went to wardrobe. I had to wear a black and white skirt that had question marks all over it with a yellow shirt. I had Doc Martens on with that. Emily wore skinny jeans and a tank top button up that tied in the front. Her hair was curly. Aria wore high waisted shorts with a shirt that was meant to show your shoulders. The girls and I did our exercises. "Ready?" I ask. "Ready." They say. We walk out on stage to complete darkness. The lights come on and we started singing "Party Harder."

Look at me boy, while I do my dance

Don't you know there's something bout the way you stand.

Look at me boy while I do my dance.

Don't you know it's better to just take the command?

I look over and I see you starin'

While I'm moving to the beat and I'm kicking my feet.

Skip to chorus.

Cuz' all I wanna do is party harder!

Don't look back just take it further.

I wanna move with you, come on and show me how you move! (2x)


We then finish with What Do You Know? I shouted "THANK YOU PITTSBURGH!" And we went off stage. "Good show girls!" Our manager Justin Timberlake said. "Thanks JT." We said all at the same time. Went back and did our meet and greet. There were girls crying, screaming, and all together excited. There was this one girl who was shy. Everyone seemed to be bullying her. "You're not even a true Angellic!" One girl shouted at her. Our name was the Uncommon Angelz. "Hey hey hey!" I walked over to them. "What's the issue?" I ask. "Oh nothing." One of the bullies said. I walked over to the girl who was being bullied. "What's your name sweetie?" She looked shocked. "T-Tara." She said "Well Tara, you are a true Angellic. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise." She nodded. "Want to come meet everyone else backstage?" I ask. "Yes" she said with tears in her eyes. "Don't cry hun." I said and hugged her. We went backstage since it was towards the end of the meet and greet. "Guys this is our number one Angellic, Tara." I said. Everyone ran over to her and hugged her. We took pictures then she left. "Alright. Your bus is waiting for ya." JT said. "Kay. We'll be out in 5." Emily said. We got our suitcases and left. Paparazzi were everywhere. "Did you and Harry break up?" One asked. This got me mad. "No you asshole. Now stay out of my life." I said and made my way onto the bus.

When I got on the bus I couldn't stop crying. Longing for the person I loved most. I was wearing his sweatshirt and his sweatpants. My face in my pillow, bawling my eyes out. I then heard my ringtone. "You and I" I picked my head up from the pillow and went to answer it. The contact read. "Hazza😘💏" I pressed answer. "Hey Ba-" he stopped. "Were you crying?" He asked concerned. "No. Why?" I said. Trying I hide the sadness in my voice. "Jayda." Harry says. Knowing that I just lied to him. "Okay. Fine I was." I said. Letting a tear escape from my eyes. "How come love?" He asks. "I just miss you." I said wiping some tears. "Sweetheart, don't cry." Harry said. "Okay. I'm sorry." I said pulling myself together. I started to doze off. Harry laughed. "Are you tired?" I nodded my head. "Go to sleep. I'm right here." He said. I soon felt myself drift off to sleep.

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