The Fallen Direction: Together Again

*sequel to The Fallen Direction.*
Long Distance relationships? Yay...
Since the boys left that's what there's been.
They've be dying to see each other.
When The girls get on a plane to the UK will there still be relationships? Or will all sparks between anyone be gone? Stay tuned!
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3. Chapter 3: Together?

Harry's P.O.V.

After the show I call Jayda.

[Hey, babe. Where are you now.?]

[I'm at the hotel packing. I leave New York in 27 hours. Where are you?]

[On the road to Philadelphia. Where are you headed?]

[Pittsburgh. Then I'm doing a show back home then on my way to Illinois.]

[Okay. I hope I get to see you. I can drive to Pittsburgh after the show to see you love]

[I'll drive to you. Don't want you getting lost]

[Sounds good.]

[Gotta go! Love you curls!]

[Love you too.]

I hang up the phone. "The girls are gonna meet us in Philadelphia." I say.

The guys hoot and shout of joy.

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