Basketball Match Love


2. After The Match

After the game ended,everyone in the team left.Me and Esther decided to practice on our shooting skills.It took me a moment to realize seeing a guy standing at the side of the hook.

He has a blonde hair,deep ocean blue eyes."He looks just like Niall you know Esther?"I whispered to her."I can't remember what does he look like."Esther whispered back to me.I looked at her and walk towards the guy that looks like Niall."Umm..hello?the games has ended already what are you doing here?I asked."Hi,Oh yes I know the game has ended but I saw you and your friend playing basketball so I decided to stay and look at both of you playing if is ok with you.By The Way my name is Niall.Niall Horan."Did he just said Niall Horan?My god I'm a big fan of One Direction.Especially Niall.I isn't fangirl Infront of him but inside me was flipping like hell.

"Oh yes yes.Obviously you could stay and watch us play it's your eyes not mine."I laughed while saying.

After talking to him,I ran back and continued to play basketball with her.I whispered to Esther

"Est,really!It is Niall Horan from One Direction"

Esther looked at me surprisingly and ran forward to him.Of course I followed her:/

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