Our story


5. scared to say

He left.he's gone.Its I think February 17th.

I still miss him,like if he left yesterday.Me and Laso broke up.I couldn't be with someone when I knew in my heart,I loved someone else.

It look nicho leaving for me to realize...I loved him as more than a brother.I texted him every once and a while but he barely answers.

I'm scared to tell him that I'm in love with him.Scared that he won't feel the same anymore.

Scared he wouldn't be my nicho anymore.

I can't keep it in me any longer.i have to tell him I love him but I somehow,can't

I text him hey.He doesn't answer.

I'm really annoyed that he's ignoring me.

I text him saying"U know what nicho,I know we haven't talked in a really long time but I can't get that day that u left out of my head and I can't believe I'm actually saying this but I think I'm still in love with you"

And finally for once in a month,he answered,but he didn't say anything that made me happy.he said"oh sorry,I have a girlfriend"

I can't help but break into tears.I knew that wasn't the nicho I fell in love with.That nicho would have loved to have me tell him that.He would rush over here and tell me he felt the same.

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