Our story


3. news

It's been almost 2 weeks since I met nicho.We're really good friends.He's like a brother to me.Him and Laso don't get along THAT great,but oh well.

"Dani!Your phones ringing!"Isy yells from the kitchen.I run over and grab it.

(N-Nicholas, D-dani)

N-hey Dani

D-oh hey nicho,wats up?

N-nothin much,just wondering if U'd like to go get pizza

D-sure meet u there at 3:40

N-sounds great

D-see ya soon

"Awww was that ur lover!"they both yell

"No it was my friend"

I got dressed and before the girls said anything,ran out

I walked to the pizza place.

I saw him sitting at a table playing a game on his phone."hey"I said sitting down across from him

"Oh hi"he said looking up

"I hope u don't mind but I already ordered it,don't worry I remembered,cheese not to much pepperoni" he said and I nodded my head

"Correctomando big bro"I giggle alittle at his new nickname

"Big bro?well that's nice,lil sis"he says and a while later the pizza gets here.

"So wat I wanted to tell u was that.."nicho began "well I'm leaving the school in December 24th"

"But that's Christmas break!and it in wat like a week?!"I said in shock.

"Well u are not leaving until we have some fun.Grab the pizza,pay the lady,and let's go"I say standing up

I took him to the park,the movies,the museum,the mall,and just about everywhere that week.

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