Our story


1. intro

Everyone has a fear.Some people spiders,bees,heights.But mostly everyone is afraid of change.You may not think so,but that's now.I wasn't afraid of it either,until last week.

It's the fear that haunts you because you know your life will never go back to the way it was before.The only thing you can think of for hours at a time.Scared to believe you'll never go back to the past.

And truth be told:you can't go back to the past.If u life with the fear of never wanting to see the future,that's different then the fear of change.

What I'm afraid of has do with the fear that you've lost something or in my case someone that you deeply cared about in the past and they've changed and don't want their say back.The thing that haunts be every day since not last week,but 4 months ago when this all started.

Oh yea,I didn't say my name.Hi,I'm Danielle Torres,but people call me D or Dani for short.Im 19 now,I have brown hair with natural highlights,I live in Miami,I moved in with my best friends Isabel and Beverly,and go to UF or as people may call it University of Florida.

You may think this is a story of how I loss my best friends but ur wrong.This story is mostly about heart break,and how we go over it....together ,like we always do

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