Our story


2. how it all started

6 months ago:

It was a Monday!God,why pick today as Monday!I got dressed and went to school.

"Hey Dani!hold up!"Bev and Isy yell from behind me

"Oh hey guys"I say walking towards them.

We walk to home room.Thank goodness Ms.Carbelo doesn't mind us talking.

I sit down near the back and the girls sit next to me.

"Man,there's that Nicholas kid.He has had a crush on me since like high school even tho he is a grade older "Bev said looking toward him from the door"I don't see what the issue is,he's looks pretty cute"I reply.

"The issue is him and Gabe are like bestfriends and I have a boy friend"she said.Gabe was bevs bf.They are the cutest thing ever."I still think he's pretty hot"

"Wow since when does cute go all the way to hot"Isabel said laughing alittle."since I noticed his eyes.Dont get any ideas Isy,I'm with Laso"I remind her.Laso is my bfs nickname,his name is Jason Laso but we like to call him Laso cause he's in football.

"Hey nicho!Come here!"Isy said telling nicholas to come over."hi.."he said confused.

"This is Dani,Dani this is Nicholas or Nicho as most people call him"Bev said introducing us.I put my hand out of him to shake it.


"Hi" he says"well I'll see u around some time"he walked away as Laso came over to us

"Hey babe"he says kissing my cheek."eww!"bev says

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AFTER SCHOOL

Me and the girls are a about to walk to our dorm when that kid,um I think Nicho yea that's his name walks over to me

"Um hey"I said waving a little

"Hi,I was hoping that I could get your Kik?"he said handing me his phone."sure"I say typing it in

"I'll see ya later Dani,bye isobel and Beverly!"he said walking away

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