Our story


4. don't leave, please

Nicho leaves today.I can't believe I'm saying this but,Imma miss him.He was like my brother.And he's helped me a lot with my issues.Most guys are jerks and douches,but not nicho.He was a gentlemen.Who only cared about me and my safety.He was the biggest sweetheart.

"Nicho!Wait!"I yelled as I saw him putting his bag in the truck of his car.

"Yea Dani"

"Don't leave,please.Stay here.Stay" I beg

"I can't,you know I can't"he said hugging me as I cuddle to him chest.

"Don't leave me..."I whisper digging my head into him chest.

He lifted my head up and there were tears in my eyes."I'll never leave you,I'll be one phone call away.you text me when ever you want.Ill be there,I promise"he looked me in the eyes and leaned in closer until our lips touched.he grabbed onto my waist and kissed me softly.

I pulled away.This was wrong,I had a boyfriend.And I loved him."I'm sorry nicho.I-I have a boyfriend."I said saying one last goodbye and running off.

I could hear him yell something as I ran away so I turned back " I LOVE YOU DANI"

"I love you too big bro!"I yelled blowing a kiss and waving bye

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