No Time

*If anyone was wondering where I got the idea, it's a movie called In Time. I recommend it, but this book has been tweaked a little, however it's based on the movie*

In 2149, new rules struck the world. Read to find out how Rachelle copes with life and death, and most importantly, age difference every day.

You'll get it once you join her adventures...


1. Prologue

Elsa's (Rachelle's mum) POV


''Mummy!" Rachelle clung onto my leg, trying to pull me down to her hight. I sighed in frustration and dropped my spoon.


''Rachelle Smiths! Mummy is trying to rest!" I whispered in her ear, nibbling it a little. She let out an adorable giggle but carried on pulling at my leg.


"Wanna go forest!" She demanded. The forest down the road was her favorite place to go in the world, but I always had a few rules up my sleeve, which is a little ironic.


''Fine! Go into your room and get me your long-sleeve shirt and shorts, then, baby girl.'' I smiled, ruffling her hair. ''And don't forget the cuffs!''


"Okay, mummy.'' She jumped down from my lap and ran to her bedroom. A few minutes later she was back. I pulled her top off, making sure she doesn't look at her wrist, and quickly draped her long-sleeve top on her small, petit body. I then pulled her little trousers off and threw her into her mini shorts.


''Where are the cuffs?" I asked, looking around frantically. She chuckled and chucked her silver cuffs at me. I sighed in relief and secured them around both of her wrists, so that her sleeves were tight around them and unable to move.


I smiled and gave her a little push towards the door.


''Have fun!" I called, and soon enough the slam of the front door echoed through the house.


Rachelle's POV


I skipped to the huge forest, making sure I replayed mummy's rules in my head from every time.


No one touches my wrists,

Talk to no one,

Never look at anyone's wrists,

Keep my wrists away from metal,

If anyone asks, I have two days left,

The green numbers are nothing,

Don't hurt my wrists.


It confused me why mummy wouldn't let me do anything with my wrists, I'm not even allowed to look at them or anyone else's. I brushed it off my shoulder and started climbing a tree once I arrived at the forest. I was almost at the top when I heard two men's voices and a little baby's cry. My ears perked up, careful to catch every word.


''HE HAS A WEEK LEFT, YOU DIM WIT!" One of the men screamed at the other, holding the little boy behind his back, who looked one or two years older than me.


"It's either he gives all of it to me, or you give me 4,000 years." The other one said, calmly. I     frowned slightly, leaning closer towards them, but being careful not to be seen.


"I don't have 4,000! I only have 3 years, actually..." The first man said, barely over a whisper,  but loud enough for me to hear.


"Fine, give me the three years, or you'll get this!" The second one replied, still calm, holding up a metal cuff almost like mine, but his had spikes and a red shiney line running across it. The first man screamed, holding the little boy further back behind him.


"NO! PLEASE, YOU CAN HAVE MY THREE YEARS, BUT PLEASE! LEAVE HIM ALONE, NOT THOSE." He started crying, but slowly extended his arm forward, his wrist facing up. I gasped quietly, as a green was tryped up in his wrists, as though he was a computer. The second man smirked, placing his own wrist on the first man's. I squinted my eyes, trying to read his number.


894.977.445.990.002! Bright green numbers were on his wrist, and even though I was only six, I knew that was way more than the poor man screaming. Then the kid lifted his arm up, begging for his dad to pick him up. I leaned further to catch what number he had. I gasped slightly, knowing that the smaller the number, the worse the situation. Maybe I had my own number, too? But I'm going to wait until my mumy says I can look, as I don't understand what it means yet. The evil looking man contacted his wrist with the other man's wrist, and his numbers went higher. As soon as he released his arm from the other man, he smirked, while the poor man screamed in pain and fell to the ground, holding his arm close to his body, as his son screamed for his daddy to hug him.


''B-BABY! R-RUN H-HOME, PLEASE! GO TO M-MUMMY!" He screamed, before the green flash of numbers went lower, and soon enough it came to all 0s. As soon as it hit the last 0, the man fell limbly to the ground, his breathing and screaming had stopped. I wanted to scream but instead, I held my hands against my mouth, not caring that the cuffs were hurting me.


''Now," The man muttered to the little boy who was shivering. ''I'll give you two years if you tell no one about this." He whispered in his ear. The boy nodded, holding his wrist up to the man. They both touched wrists and the boy's numbers went a little higher, yet the man's went a tiny bit lower. As soon as they finished, the little boy, who now looked my age, started sprinting out of the forest. I pressed my hands closer to my mouth, holding my breath as the man strolled out of the forest, leaving the dead body laying there.

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