Story of my life

This is a story of a girl called andrea she is a stripper. Her abusive father makes her do it but what will happen when one day a boy called niall comes


1. morning

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock and my dad yelling from down stairs

I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom I stared at myself in the mirror .

At my straight blond hair that stopped at my but. At my brown eyes

At my pale skin .

I was still so tiered I hoped in the shower and washed myself then I picked out my clothes and when down stairs I saw my dad in the kitchen and my mum in the living room it walked into the living room an my mum looked at me like she usually looks at me like I'm nothing to her. Pathetic she said user her breath it didn't bother me she says that every morning I just termed around and started to walk out of the front door as I was walking i was stopped by my dad standing in front of me he punched me in the stomach NEXT TIME SAY GOOD MORNING AND DONT BE LATE FOR WORK TONIGHT he yelled and walked away and I ran out the door

Let me explain my life for you

First my parents hate me my mum got pregnant with me at 16 so she Blames me for it. My dad hates me for that to

I'm a stripper in a club because my parents force me and I have to go be course if I don't no money for collage and I can't move out I'm only 17

I go to school I'm not popular I only have one best friend Katie .

Who I'm going to right now she 18 so she has her own place

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