My Hunger Games

My name is Dexter Raymond I'm from district 9 and I'm 13. Every year all of the districts compete in a tv event called the Hunger games. A man and female in the ages of 12 and 18 compete.

I hope this is not my year


1. The Reaping

Drip drip went 13 year Dexters tears into the sink he couldn't go to the reaping this year not after what had happened to he's older brother Hudson last year.

Last year Hudson entered the arena at age 15 then a vicious boy from district 1 cut his bones cut by a Catania.

The thought of this happening to him he just couldn't take it. When the games were over the boy from district 1 was the winner of the 32nd hunger games his parents weren't happy after this before these hunger games his parents were the type that liked to watch the hunger games until Hudson entered and his killer won.

Ding ding ding

It was time for the reaping for the 33rd hunger games

His family had start to walk to the main square. When his dad pulled him aside

Dexter stop worrying if you get picked not only will you win you will show that our family are winners.

At the square there was the same set up as last year about 20 tables with peace keepers at them taking blood. Then they were taken to marked circles where they would have to stand until the reaping was over.

When everyone was in there circles Hebert lemon made his way into the stage he was dressed in a bright yellow tuxedo with a matching tie.

Hello district 9 boomed his voice over the microphone. Isn't the day of the reaping the best day of the year. Hebert got no reply except for a few cries. Well don't get to excited he jokes. lets start shall we.

Girls first .

He slowly put his hand in the glass bowl and picked one out he undid the first tape then the second.

The lucky girl from 9 is CHLOE THOMAS!!!

A tall girl with brown hair in a bun wearing a very old pink dress slowly walked up to the stage she looked about 15 years old.

Congrats Miss Thomas

I think its time for the boys

There was a long pause Dexter Raymond.

Thank god it wasn't me this year I looked up why was everyone looking at me. There was a flash of white and 4 peace keepers dragged me to the stage.

I shook hands with Hebert and Chloe and was taken into a small office .

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