Remember Me

It's What everyone feels most of the time
Andrea Skywood felt it all the time, because of her Past, Her Past that Haunted her, killing all her beloved ones and destroying her to pieces
Harry Styles.........Saved Her


1. Prologue



The tears couldn't stop falling and i still couldn't believe that the man i love the man i didn't want him to leave me for a second was now saying goodbye it was hard it was horribly unbelievable and unbearable 

"Harry please don't leave i need you" i said as the tears kept rolling down my cheeks

"shhh..."he said as he wiped my tears with his soft touch...our bodies were close i could hear his heartbeat from all the noise around us he held my chin up for me to look at his beautiful eyes which would make me smile every time i see them but this time it felt that this was going to be the last time i see them or feel him or hear his voice it felt like...he wouldn't be the first person i see when i wake up or the last person i want my eyes to see before i sleep...

he said with his low raspy voice 

"this year will pass by in a second and i am not leaving you ever everyday i would talk to you and we will skype and if i am on holidays i will come and see you even if it for a few hurts me more than ever to leave you i promise babe..."

then he kissed my forehead firmly i could feel the pain he was feeling i also felt it i just didn't want him to leave me i wanted him near me...with me i fell madly in love with him and it was like daggers were repeatedly being stabbed sharply in my heart knowing in a few minutes he was leaving me 

i already said my goodbyes to the boys they were having a hard time saying goodbye to with the girls then we heard the last call for their flight harry looked deeply in my eyes and he was trying soo hard not to tear and he kissed me a long passionate kiss then he looked at me for the last time and said before he walked away while still looking at me....

" Remember Me...."

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