War, Love and Danger - Liam Payne

Emma used to be like every normal girl back in 1940. But then her parents and finacé got killed my german soldiers. She was determend to get revenge for that. After two years she finally was able to join the army and she was glad she could finally do something.

But what happens when she falls in love with her comander, soldier Liam James Payne?

She can't keep her feelings inside but will that be good? War is no place for love and feelings, and Emma finds that out the hard way.

(The boys are not famous in here)


3. Meeting the commander

Emma's P.O.V. 


After that one day in the train I didn't saw the boys anymore. Probably scared of what we got to see and hear here.  


Even though I said to myself that I wouldn't make friend here I did. A guy with the name Harry. He was just as old as I was and he seemed to understand this war pretty good. His father was fighting as well and he promised him that once he was old enough he would come fighing on his side. 


I really hope that I can be able to become his partner because he's a good fighter. Today, we would finally meet our commander. It's weird, I have to follow the orders of a man that once used to follow the orders of my fiance. 


Yes, commander Liam James Payne used to be my fiance's partner, he was there the day he died. But it wasn't his fault and I understand that. I have heard stories about him, Louis used to tell great stories about their time together and he was convinced that the young lad would become a great commander one day. He was right, he would become a commander. My commander. 



'There he comes.' Harry whispered in my ear and I nodded. I was excited to finally meet the guy that Louis talked about with so much joy, would he really be that good? 



'Soldiers, your commander. Liam James Payne' Everbody stood straight and greeted the man. 


His hair was a bit long for a soldier but I guess him being a commander he can do whatever he wants. His face was serious and I saw different badges on his chest. A great man, that used to fight on the hand of my fiance. And now, I would come his puppet, he could make me do anything he wanted to. 


'Soldiers' his calm and slow voice spoke to us 'I am glad so many of you chose to fight for this country and for pease. But know, that many of you won't survive, you will give your life for a future for more than we will even know.' I saw some people looking at each other. Like they didn't knew you could die in a war. 



'But know, that if you die, you will have died in favour of britain, in favour of the world! Some of you will survive and I hope that I will still stand by you then.' he looked around and his eyes met mine.


'I see we even have a woman in our army. What if your name soldier?' I looked him in the eyes and I saw that he was making fun of me. I wasn't going to let that happen. 


'Emma Wilson sir.' he looked up and down and I don't know if he knew that I was the girl that would have had to marry his commander. 


'Well, Emma, I hope you won't run off to your boyfriend, fiancé or husband, when this becomes too scary for you. This is war, no play.' he chuckled and I felt my face turning red. I know I was disobedient but I couldn't stand it.


'I understand the meaning of this war sir. I won't be able to run to my fiancé because that man died in this war. Right next to you, I know who you are, I have heard stories about you when you were just as me. I know more about you than you know. Don't play with me.' I heard serveral laughs but I was death serious. 


'A tough girl I see, and how would you know anything about me?' I saw that I was getting his interset.


'Louis William Tomlinson, your commander, my fiance, died, fighting next to you, protecting you.' I heard some gasps, Louis was well known by many soldiers but no one knew that he died because he tried to save Liam.

Only I knew, because that is what they told me when I get his dead body back. He died a hounerful death, protecting a soldier, a friend, but I never saw commander Payne at his funeral, he never came and say something to me. 


'You better watch your aditude soldier. We are all equal here, no one is better than the other because of their family.' he looked away and I sighed. 'Yes sir.' I felt defeated and I could slap myself for this. First day with all the soldiers and I'm already made fun of. 



'Tomorrow we will send some of you home, we don't want to lose lives we will lose for sure. Make sure you do the best you can tomorrow. Good night soldiers.' he turned away and so did we. I was the only girl but luckily I had a room with Harry, and another boy, Zayn. They were both really nice and when we were back Harry asked me to explain everything that I just told. 



'You were engaged to commander Tomlinson? You where the reason he joined the army! I always thought you would be like a rich bratty girl that didn't cared about anything as long as she had good cloths!' I nodded my head sadly. 

'I'm not like that, I was, but Louis changed me, and now I am the one without her fiance, I am the reason he got killed.' I was strong, I didn't cried but I knew that if they kept asking more questions I would start crying. 


I miss my Louis, more than anything else in the world. And maybe I would die in this war, but then I would be back with my love. I would be together with Louis and we wouldn't never get torn appart.

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