War, Love and Danger - Liam Payne

Emma used to be like every normal girl back in 1940. But then her parents and finacé got killed my german soldiers. She was determend to get revenge for that. After two years she finally was able to join the army and she was glad she could finally do something.

But what happens when she falls in love with her comander, soldier Liam James Payne?

She can't keep her feelings inside but will that be good? War is no place for love and feelings, and Emma finds that out the hard way.

(The boys are not famous in here)


2. Leaving my home

Emma's P.O.V.


I just told my grandmother that I was leaving in two days time. She was sad but she was proud that I followed what my father and fiancé did. 


'Love, here, I think it's the right time to give you this' My grandmother walked to her bedroom and came back after a couple of minutes with a little black box in her old shacking hands. 


'It was your mother's and I think you should have it before you leave. I don't know if you will ever use it but atleast have it with you. I don't know if I will ever see you again alive but she made me promise to give it to you when the time was there.' I nodded my head at her and accepted the black box. I didn't recognized it at all, this wasn't something my mother would have at all, she was a simple woman. This box looked like it must have costed a fortune, let alone what is inside of it.  


'Open it, I am sure you will love it just as much as your mother did.' I slowly opened the box and saw a beautiful silver tiara with a vail attached to it. I was stunned, I now recognized it. It was the one my mother wore at her wedding day. 


'Thank you grandmother. I will keep it as long as I can.' she smiled at me with teary eyes. 

'She would have loved to see you wear it on your own wedding day, I know she can't be with that anymore but please, please let me be there for you. Please come back to me.' I smiled at much as I could. 


'I will try grandmother. But first, I have to defeat the people that took my parents away. I will try to come home again.' she hugs me tight and then sends me away again. 

'You need your rest now you still can have it. I'm proud of you and that will never change. And, I will be ready for you to come back home as soon as you left.' I smile and hug her back, not crying but still emotional. 


'I know you will grandmother. And I will come home.' I kiss her cheeks and walk away again, still holding my mother's old vail. I have to come back, I have to come back for my grandmother. 



I tell my friends that I am leaving, they say I'm stupid, that I will die before I even go there but I don't care what they say. They don't understand how hurt I am trough this war. I have to fix this, I can fix this. I know that for sure. 





'Train to London training center is ready to leave!' I hear a loud voice and I grab my bag a bit tighter. It has some extra cloths and my mom's old vail in it. The last two days flew by, my grandmother visited me once, yesterday evening, to tell me she loves me and that my parents will watch over me all the time. 



I run inside the train and sit down, next to a almost crying boy, he must be a little bit older than I am. I stare at him but don't dare to ask what is wrong. I can't make friends, they will die, they will keep me from doing what I intent to do. 



'Hi, I'm Niall.' the boy looks at me and I smile a bit at him. 'why are you almost crying? Leaving someone you love?' he nods and puts his hands in his face. 

'My wife, and my unborn baby. But I have to fight so they can have a future.' I stare at him and nod sadly. 


'I'm sorry for you.' Is all I can say. 'It's okay. I knew that I had to leave at some point. My brother already left and my dad is also waiting for me there, I can't just stay here and hope that this will go over.' I nod and look the other way, not knowing what to say to this boy. 


'And your name is? If I may ask?' he asks me after a couple minutes of silance. 

'Emma Wilson. Came here for revenge.' I say because I already know that that would be his next question. 



'Lost someone you loved?' he asks me and I nod my head. 'Both of my parents and my fiancé. Two months before our wedding.' I swallow and blink a few tears away. I can't cry, soldiers don't cry, only weak and defeated people cry. 


'I'm sorry for you loss. I bet they would be proud that you fight.' I shrug my shoulders and look to the roof of the train.

Would they be proud? I felt my grandmother on her own, what if she dies as well because I'm not there to bring her medication or food? What if I will cause her death? 



'Hi Niall!' I hear a new voice and I look up, a tall and fit boy walks in and nods at Niall - the boy I was talking to before - 

'Zayn, good to see you again. Ready to kill some german losers?' he laughs and I just rol my eyes, these boys see this war as a game, that if you don't want to play it anymore you just go back home and nothing ever happened. 




'Yeah, time to finally kick their buts!' I sigh and stand up. I don't want to be with them right now. They are too immature for a war. They won't even survive the training. 


'And that is? You didn't said your girl was going too.' Niall shakes his head and tells who I am. 


'No way that I am letting my girl going here! How can you even think I would let her do that? I won't let her risk her life and that of my baby. This is Emma, she's a soldier too.' the boys start talking again over things they want to do with those germans, I can't stand it and walk away. 




'We will see you later Emma!' they shout and I rol my eyes. Like I say, way to immature for a war. 



I won't say that I hope they die, but if they do, I won't cry over them. This isn't a game, this is about lives and love. This is a war, not a playground, they will find out. But maybe it's already too late for them. 

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