Grey Violets

Grey is a girl who suffers from anxiety, depression and insecurities. Read about her as she posts chapters every day to see whether this girl gets stronger or weaker. Follow up with her, during her depressed moments and happy moments. If you can relate to how she feels than good. This novel isn't suppose to inspire anyone, it's suppose to let people know that their not alone. I will be posting a chapter each day for of Grey.


1. Waking Up.

It's morning. Waking up is hard. Having to wake up feeling down is already a bad way to start her day. Waking up with all of these negative thoughts in her head. This is an every day morning for Grey. Having to wake up and feel pain, anxiety and insecurity. Having to know that she has to walk through a hallway of individuals who are all judgmental. Waking up knowing that if she doesn't wake up then that will affect her work, grades, and affect her in the long run. Waking up knowing that this boy in art will never talk to her and will never be with her. Knowing that her skinny jeans she wore last year can no longer fit her. Waking up knowing that she's fat, ugly and her breast aren't big enough. Waking up knowing that she could never cheer or dance for the school because she's afraid of what people might think of her. Waking up knowing that most of her friends would never take a picture with her because she'd destroy the image. Waking up knowing she'd never have a high school boyfriend. Waking up knowing that her ex crush never liked her back and never will. Waking up knowing that her father is always having high expectations of her. Waking up knowing that she needs to be ''prayed'' for because she's a nasty child , who's a brat and always sinning and always being disrespectful and talking back. Waking up knowing that she'll never be popular because of her appearance. Waking up knowing that her room she cleaned last night, will become a wreck again because she takes thirty mins or more choosing what she want's to wear. ''This looks fat on me.'' ''This is showing to much cleavage, don't want them to think I'm a whore.'' ''This doesn't fit.'' ''This makes me look like I have no boobs.'' Literally just waking up, being her is a disappointment. Grey wishes that one day she doesn't wake up. 

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