Grey Violets

Grey is a girl who suffers from anxiety, depression and insecurities. Read about her as she posts chapters every day to see whether this girl gets stronger or weaker. Follow up with her, during her depressed moments and happy moments. If you can relate to how she feels than good. This novel isn't suppose to inspire anyone, it's suppose to let people know that their not alone. I will be posting a chapter each day for of Grey.


2. Covering Up.

Grey wears eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. She never misses a day of it. It's not like you'd see her eyeliner and mascara over the glasses that she was per-scripted. Grey tried contacts, failed to put it in her eye and when she did it ripped. Then again she says no to contacts because she remembered this guy in 8th grade who told her she looked weird without her glasses. Which is so funny not to mention the guys who've called her fat and ugly which she still obsesses over. Whenever she was told something about herself, (flaws) she would never let that go. She woke up every day thinking of it and no matter how many people told her that it wasn't true it would not stop her from believing it was wasn't. When you insult a girl based off of their appearance, it's hard for them to get rid of that insult regardless whether you were joking or not. Insulting them on their personality is different because it's easier for them to change who they are then to change how they look. Grey suffers from her insecurities so she covers herself up in designer clothes and makeup. Puts extensions in her hair because she feels that her natural hair is ugly, and people would make fun of her. She wants to cut her hair, make it short but she thinks that she'd look more fat with shorter hair. She covers herself up with society because she feels that if she be's herself then she'd have no place in the world. Faking a smile and a laugh every day with her friends even when she's dying inside. She covers her emotions up because she doesn't want her emotions to be a burden on anyone else. If anything she wants to influence people, inspire people and give them confidence because she knows that every individual has an insecurity about them self. So she drowns people with compliments. She's nice to people who don't even deserve it. Grey knows that every human being regardless of their personality does know how to cover up their emotions so she supports them by giving them an influence like no other. 

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