What has happened?

UHM. im not sure how to describe this story, it is a working progress...... the main character's brother is zayn and the rest of the boys are friends. and they live in NY. just read it guysss


2. DOS

Zayn goes out to the car as I quickly get dressed and read for my little outing with the gift from heaven, my brother, and his freidns. I bend over and twist my unruly brown hair into a bun, tug on some jean shorts with a lace hem (some of the cutest shorts I’ve ever seen!) I throw on a gray flow tank top and slide into a pair of white vans as I walk out the door with no make up, as usual.

“C’mon ugly, if you were going to take so damn long why don’t you try to look good?” Zayn taunts as I climb into the front seat of his ‘67 Ford Mustang  I roll my eyes as he slides into the driver’s seat. “You know I don’t want you here” Zayn says bluntly, stating the obvious.

“No! That can’t be true Zaynie boo!” I whine as I scoff at him. It is clear that the only reason why Zayn offered to take me with him this morning is because mom forced me into his plans. We sit in silence as we drive off our street and onto the road away from our home. As he turns onto the freeway, I begin to wonder what we will be doing today. “Zayn?” I question, “Where are we going?”


“Zayn, stop being an ass and tell me where we are going.” I demand. He chuckles and focuses on the road, ignoring my request. “Zayn, I know that you heard me, now tell me where we are going!”

“Calm down Kate, we are just going to the beach.” He says cooly.

“Don’t you think you should have told me we were going to the beach so I maybe could have prepared accordingly?” I shoot back, if we are going to the beach I’d at least like to sunbathe and get some color on my unusually light skin.

“I brought one for you so don’t freak out. I didn’t want to tell you we were going to the beach cause you always flip out at every little detail.” He says obviously done with me already. I could care less, cause I’ve been done with his attitude since the day that I was born.

“What’s at the beach that you are hiding from me?” I shoot back at him, he would have told me that we were going to the beach if he wasn’t doing something behind mom’s back. Cause I know he doesn’t want to go through my swimsuit drawer unless it saves him the trouble of being on mom’s shit list.

“Kate, there is nothing to hide, it’s the beach what could be at the beach that is so bad?” He responds a little shakily from my question.

“Zayn. What. Are. You. Hiding. From. Me?” I say slowly and loudly to convince him of my point that I will not put up with his games.

“Katherine! It is a public place there is nothing to hide there so just calm down and shut up!” He responds raising his voice but a voice crack to identify the lie in his words.

“Zayn! Stop lying to me and tell me the truth. I swear I won’t tell mom but don’t send me into a situation blind!” I yell. Is he that stupid to think that I won’t eventually find out when we arrive at this secret gathering?

“Fine, Kate there is a party at the beach.” He states, defeated. Did he really think he was going to get away with it? I was going to find out what was going on once we got to the beach...

"Why were you trying to hide the party at the beach? Is there something there that you don't want mom to know about? Who will be there other than the 'lads' that you originally told me would be there? Are the original 'lads' still going to be there? Will there be drugs at the party? Will there be alcohol at the party? If there are drugs or alcohol at the party, will you be participating in taking them? Do I really have to go?" I shoot each of these questions one after another, not even giving time in between for Zayn to answer them himself. What I really want from him is a full explanation of what is going to go down at this party on the beach.

"I hid the party on the beach because I knew mom would kill me if I went to another party. She doesn't like me going to parties ever since that last incident. There will be a lot more girls at the party, in general there will be a lot of kids that are going into their senior year of high school. Liam, Louis, Harry, and Niall will all be attending the party. There should be no drugs at the party, but nothing is guaranteed. Same with the drugs, there should be no alcohol at the party but there are still no guarantees. If there is drugs or alcohol at the party I will not take part, I need to drive you and I home, safely. It's up to you if you want to stay with the group, you can just go down beach and do your own thing." He answers every one of my questions in order. "Are you happy now? Do you feel 'fully informed?" He mocks me but I actually know what I want to do with my life after high school and he shouldn't taunt me for knowing what I want, and wanting to know what I get myself into.

"I will stay at the party until I am too nauseated to stand and watch tons of drunk chicks try and plastered." I respond bluntly. "Unlike you, I don't find it funny to watch someone get totally shitfaced and not be able to remember what they did yesterday or who they did it with. I like to remember the fun moments in life. And that will be the difference between you and I." I spit. I really wish I wasn't forced to go with Zayn because if something bad goes down at the party I don't want my future to go down with it. "How much longer?" I ask, realizing that this ride to the beach is taking longer than it should.

"About an hour and ten minutes." He says hesitantly, inspecting the GPS for the ETA.

"Why so long?" I wonder, confused with the long ride.

"We are going up state a little bit, don't want to be too close to home so that there is a chance that any one of our parents drive by and notice us." He states. How can he even think like this? All I worry about is what is my GPA? What kind of colleges do I like and might want to attend? What chance to I have of getting into that college with my grades? I swear, if Zayn put in half the effort of not trying to get caught for all the crap he does and put it into his schoolwork, he would be a straight A student.

"Can you wake me up when we get there? I didn't get to finish my beauty sleep." I say leaning the chair back and closing my eyes.

"Do you ever get any beauty sleep? Cause it doesn't look like you do." He scoffs as I dose off into sleep.


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