His Project

Katie is in grade 12. She has brown hair with blond highlights. She is very tall. Katie is the most popular girl in school. And louis is the most popular boy.

Katies biology teacher gives each boy a partner. The boy has complete control over her and se has to do what ever he tells her to do. Basically the girls are the boys project. Katie has two questions, what the hell is wrong with this school, and, who has control over me?


6. chapter 5

liam payne. I couldnt beilive my ears. that was rubys ex boyfriend who tried to cheat on her with me and when he didnt get his way tried to kill us. now he is back. rubys face went pail. "ruby?" she looked up at my from her phone. "liam, he, he got away. the police couldnt catch him." she burst into tears. I could feel tears in my eyes, too.

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