His Project

Katie is in grade 12. She has brown hair with blond highlights. She is very tall. Katie is the most popular girl in school. And louis is the most popular boy.

Katies biology teacher gives each boy a partner. The boy has complete control over her and se has to do what ever he tells her to do. Basically the girls are the boys project. Katie has two questions, what the hell is wrong with this school, and, who has control over me?



(A/N RUBY! You are the winner of the contest! Sorry if ou didnt win! I will have more contests so dont worry!)


"AHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed. "Katie?" I opend my eyes. "R-ruby?" She smiled. "I havnt seen you in forever!" She went to hug me but backed off. "Oh and no it wasnt me who did all this stuff. I saw him breaking in next door and called the cops. He broke the glass just as the cops got here." A wave of relief washed over me. "O-oh o-k-k" i was shivers with fear still. Ruby huggedme tight. "Its been so long! Wait, why are you in louis tomlinson house?" I had forgot the reason I hated louis. He had always bullied ruby, and that made her cut. She left myschool in grade seven. I was hoping to see her in highschool but I never did. "A school project. Louis owns me for who knows how long." Her eyes went wide. "Thank god I dont go to your school! Well I mite now, I just transferd to timberline. What school do you go to?" My eyes went wide. "I go to timberline!" We both burst into smile fits. We finally had each-other back. "Oh and katie?" "Yep?" She looked down. "That boy that was breakig in and killing people, he was looking to kill me, and you." My eyes went wide and my went numb. "He w-what?" "Katie, that was liam payne."


(A/N BOOM! You guys were SO not exspecting that! And dont worry about liam, lets just say he is in BAD hands! Oh and sorry for short update but I really think it was worth not waiting for the cliff hanger to stop cliff hanging. Keep reading! Fan me amd that blah stuff! Bye!)

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