His Project

Katie is in grade 12. She has brown hair with blond highlights. She is very tall. Katie is the most popular girl in school. And louis is the most popular boy.

Katies biology teacher gives each boy a partner. The boy has complete control over her and se has to do what ever he tells her to do. Basically the girls are the boys project. Katie has two questions, what the hell is wrong with this school, and, who has control over me?


3. chapter 3

He led me to his room.

"I have to exsplain the rules." I sighed in relife. "first off, no looking at baby photos of me with me mom. second, dont leave this house without me, my mom, or my sisters. got it?" I laughed. "um... sure, I think I can do that!" I smiled cheekly and he laughed well rolling his eyes. "now I gotta go, stay in this house and only let my mum and sisters in ok?" he had a serius look on his face. "ok" he nodded at his mirror. "Emergancy numbers are on a peace of paper tapded to that. call me first ok? ok love you bye!" he kissed my cheek and left.


I took the popcorn out of the oven and put it in a bowl. (yes, I make popcorn in the oven!) I took my popcorn into the living room and plopped down. I put on carry. I havnt seen it yet so I was pretty scared. I pressed play and watched the horror unfold.


I was about half way through the movie when I heard a car door slam. I was scared because there was a seen like that in the movie. I jumped up and sat back down. "its nothing katie its nothing." I kept repeating. after about five minutes I heard screaming next door. I started to shake. I looked out the window. there was blood trickling from the upstairs window of next door and I saw a pale lifless face. I jumped. I pulled the blinds down and ran up to my room. I tried calling louis but the phone line was dead. I heard glass shatter down stairs. I ran and hid in the closet. I herd the creaking of the floor and it was close. I was about to scream but then he would find me easly. I held my breath. I didnt want this to be happening. I heard the door swing open, I curled up into a ball. that person was in this room. I herd shuffling and then, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

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