His Project

Katie is in grade 12. She has brown hair with blond highlights. She is very tall. Katie is the most popular girl in school. And louis is the most popular boy.

Katies biology teacher gives each boy a partner. The boy has complete control over her and se has to do what ever he tells her to do. Basically the girls are the boys project. Katie has two questions, what the hell is wrong with this school, and, who has control over me?


2. Chapter 2

'Play along'

I thought that he met sex. I was luckily wrong. "Hey mum! This is Katie my girlfriend. Katie this is my mum." "Hi its so nice to finally meet you! Louis is always talking about you!" I looked over at louis and he was blushing. "Well isn't that sweet! Aw louis come here!" I embraced him. "So I better show you to your room Katie! Follow me." He started walking up some stairs. Of course, I followed him up and into a room. "Here we are!" I looked around. "ITS HUGE!" Was all I managed to say. He laughed. "Ya well did you not see my house and my car?" I blushed. "How could I miss your house! Its a damn mansion!" He blushed bright red. "Its not that big..." I laughed. "Your kidding right? Your house is probably bigger then the school!" He blushed even more. "Well what ever. You can put your cloths in that drawer. Some of my sister old cloths should fit you too, there in the closet." He pointed to were everything went and I nodded. "Ok well Ill see you later. I gotta go run some erins. Be back soon bye!" He kissed me on the cheek and left me to unpack. I thought about trying to run away, but louis was being nice and I didnt want him to hit me. So I stayed. "Katie? Im going shopping do you need anything?" "Maybe a ton of bacon?" She laughed. "All right! Ill be home soon! Bye!" "Bye!" Louis mum was so nice. So how could louis be so mean? In the mean-time I decided to go outside. When I walked outside I found a giant pool. I decided to go back inside and change. I put on my bright pink bikini and ran out the door. As soon as I got to the pool I jumped in. I made a huge splash! I started to dive and breast stroke and all that fun stuff when I heard another splash. Before I could turn around louis was kissing me underwater. He really was a sneak and a romantic. "I think," I began to say when we were out of the water. "I think I mite like you." With that louis grinned and led me up to his room. What have I done? 

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