His Project

Katie is in grade 12. She has brown hair with blond highlights. She is very tall. Katie is the most popular girl in school. And louis is the most popular boy.

Katies biology teacher gives each boy a partner. The boy has complete control over her and se has to do what ever he tells her to do. Basically the girls are the boys project. Katie has two questions, what the hell is wrong with this school, and, who has control over me?


1. Chapter 1

I walked in the front doors to my school. Everyone started trying to talk to me. Like always, I say hi, wave, and just keep walking. And of course every day louis tomlinson comes up to me and asks me out. "Louis I told you a million times no!" He smirked. "Yep and every day you know Im gunna ask the same question." I rolled my eyes. "And the answers always gunna be no." I shut my locker and walked off to class with my little group of mini-me's behind me.


"Hello class and welcome back! As you know today we are getting a new assignment!" Mr.K clapped his hands and everyone groaned. "Now first I must put you in pairs!" He started calling out names. "Harry styles and issabell H. Liam Payne and ana..." I tuned out. I was tuned back in when louis came and sat beside me. "Looks like we're partners babe." He went to put his arm around me but I flicked it off. "Your kidding me right? Well now I get to watch you disect a frog and puke. But of course Im going to have to do the work." He laughed. "We dont know the assignment yet so you mite get lucky." I laughed. "Lucky? Remember your my partner." He rolled his eyes and smirked. "Yep! Lucky as hell!" I looked at him goofy. "Um hell aint lucky. It has all the bad people in it. Duh." His cheeks went red. That'll teach him! "Settle down class settle down. Now for your assignment." He paused. "Your assignment is that each boy has a girl as there partner, the boys now have complete control over the girls and can do whatever they want with them, except illegal stuff. Girls no matter what you are not aloud to say no to them. If you do you will fail biology class. Understood?" My mouth hang all the way to the ground. I have to be louis tomlinson slave? HELL NO! "But what if they want to have se-" "oh well they may do what they please." I growled. There is no way in hell Im doing this! I dont care if I fail! "Starting now your partner has complete control over you girls, so go to your next class now!" Before I could move louis crashed his lips on mine, and I wasn't aloud to pull away. He finally let me loose. "You do realize after this is over, Im gunna go back to ignoring you right?" He smirked. "Yep! But mite as well enjoy it well I can!" He kissed me again. It felt wrong and right at the same time. Shit! What are you saying Katie! You hate this mother fcker! Ug I hope this wont last long. He pulled away. I started to run to my locker. I made it but louis was on my tail. He slapped my face. I whimpered. "DONT YOU EER RUN AWAY FROM ME AGAIN GOT IT BITCH!" He hit my arm. "Yes." I whispered. "GOOD! Now go put these cloths on!" He threw some cloths at me and I went to the bathroom. It was a pair of shorts and a tank top that shoed just the right amount, well, maybe a little to much. I walked out if the bathroom and louis was waiting for me. "PUT YOUR HAIR DOWN NOW!" He yelled. I never put it down. I did as I was told. He tool a step back. "Wow. You look even better!" He jumped up and down like a little school girl. I looked down blushing. "Now go to your class!" I started walking to class. Gym. Well, I got a good outfit for gym, at least...


I walked to my locker. It was finally the end of the day. I began to walk home when louis walked up to me. "Nope! Your parents already know! Your staying at MY place!" He dramatically said the my. "Oops, sorry, I mean our place." I glared. "Not for long!" He slapped me. "DONT TALK BACK TO ME YOU BITCH!" I whined. Louis walked over to a black convertible. "Get in the car! Oh and do it really sexy!" I didnt even open the door. I just put my leg over the top, winked at louis, and jumped over the door. Louis shrugged. "Not to bad. But lets see how you do in bed." He smirked when I gulped. I was still a Virgin. And I wanted to stay one!


Louis house wasn't a house, it was a mansion. Damn! This boy is shit ritch! He pushed me in the door and locked it behind us. He walked up to me. "Play along!" Shit!

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