Fix Your Heart

'I just need you to stay with me and tell me everything will be fine'


1. Prologue

"Emma, a very handsome guy is here to see you" I hear Lilian, my favorite girl in this living hell, whisper in my ear. I let out a quite chuckle and wonder who she might be talking about, maybe a doctor or maybe Edward the beautiful patient, from room 207, but the thing is...I don't know.

I smile to my beautiful and brave girl and squeeze her hand tightly before getting up from my bed and walking to my mirror...

I quickly take a glance of what's left of me, of the real me and walk away from the stupid mirror again to the door where my beautiful angel awaited me by now.

I smile at her once more before turning to the corridors...and once I'm there, looking for the handsome man Lilian talked to me about, I hear a familiar raspy voice, an english accent and my name all in the same sentence. I turn around and there he was. The one I left, the one I love the most, the one that makes my world spin just by looking at me, the one I didn't intend to hurt, the love of my life.


"Harry" I whispered to myself in disbelief. It's been 1 month without him, I missed him so much.

The thing is that he can't be here, he shouldn't be here, he mustn't be here.

"Emma, why?" the words left his mouth so quickly I didn't even have time to think about them.

I wasn't ready to see him. I am not ready to see him, I won't ever be ready to see him.

I knew the answer, I just couldn't bring my lips to speak.

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