Darcy Styles


1. chapter 1

"Now you be strong for mummy while I'm gone" I say to my 4 year old

I gave her a kiss on the cheek and stand up

"I'm going to miss you so much, I love you" I saw to my girlfriend

"Harry, we're late" Zayn called

I look at the four boys waiting for me and back at Darcy

"I've got to go now princess"

"Wait, stay there" she says and runs to the car, she runs back with a pasta necklace

"Here daddy, I made this for you, so you'll always remember us and never forget me"

I laugh "How could I ever forget you, princess"

I give her another kiss and hug Jasmine before exiting out the door

"It kills me every time, leaving them behind is really hard" I tell Niall

"Maybe they could come on tour with us one time"

"We don't have enough room, I've already thought about it, we have to much crew" I reply sadly

"Yeah, true" the Irishman replies

I open the bus doors and take a step when I was being tugged off again suddenly

"I love you daddy, please don't forget me"

"Princess, I'm only going for 3 weeks, I'll be back in 22 sleeps"

Darcy smiled

"And if you can wait that long, daddy'll bring you back a present"

Darcy's eyes lit up once again "Really"


I looked back at jasmine are signalled for her to come forward, I walked up and wrapped my hands around her waist

"I'll be back, don't you worry" I said, I let go of her waist, kissing her for the third time in the last half and hour, I winked at Darcy as she waved me good-bye

"Bye Uncle Niall" she yelled out

"Bye baby"

"We love you" The rest of the boys yelled out from behind the tinted windows of the tour bus

She smiled once more and walked back over to her mother

"Take care my beautiful girls" I sobbed

"I love you!" Jasmine yelled

I walked onto the bus and tapped the driver on the shoulder

"We're ready"

The driver nodded and started the bus and pulled out of the underground tunnel.

We exited the tunnel and got numerous screams from fans and taps on the windows from those who we're tall enough to reach then, they weren't that high up, but the bus was fairly tall.

I took my phone out of my pocket and looked at my screen

To Harry ;

miss you already xx

To Jas ;

Me too, only 3 weeks and I'll be home, can't wait xx love you

I replied and placed my phone on the compartment next to my arm and walked off to the kitchen.

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