The National Academy Of Dance

Kiera is your average 17 year old girl. After being persuaded by her best friend she tries out for NSD: The National School Of Dance. The Auditions decided whether you make It into the school and whether or not you receive a scholarship of dance. Once making it in Kiera meets her dorm room buddy and meets a few people a long the way. But what or who tears Kiera's focus away from her passion of dance.
What can the passion of dance possess?


2. Chapter 2

You know that moment where everything is simply numb to you? That's how I currently felt, I kept reading over the words,
'We are sorry to inform you, you have not been accepted into the academy. Thank you and hope to see you next year.'

I kept telling myself it doesn't matter, I tried my best, but I couldn't help but feel that I frankly wasn't good enough for them. I tried to simply forget about it and the only way possible to do that was to board, skateboard. Ive been boarding for a few years now and it's my escape when the world turns cruel. I slide my headphones in, raise the volume and glide. Away from all my problems and complications, the wind passing through my hair carrying every little issue away with it.


It's been over a week and a half since I tore open the letter stating I hadn't made it into the academy. I admit I was gutted at first but soon enough I had realised that I shouldn't have actually expected to make it in, I was up against people who had trained their whole life for this.
As I finished off my daily skate I walked up our driveway and checked for mail. There was a pile of advertisements, two letters addressed to my parents and one addressed to myself. I laid all the mail down on the dining table and slipped out the one marked with my name on it. I entered my room and placing my precious auburn skateboard into my closet. As I threw myself onto the bed I tore open my letter and read the small print to myself,

'To Kiera,
We are pleased to inform you that due to having one of our accepted applicants withdraw, we are now offering up her position. We have spoken to the judges and you have been recommended. Please inform us whether you would like to accept this offer by the end of the week.
Thank you
The National Academy Of Dance'

I read over the letter once again to confirm I had read it right. Once I realised I had, I smiled from ear to ear, not because I was accepted (well partly that) but because I was recommended. That means I was good enough for them. I rapidly dialled the number I have memorised since I was 15 and Amber's caller ID soon came up. After a couple of rings she picked up,

'Hello?', her cheerful voice spoke up,

'Hello fellow loser'

'Well aren't your greetings just getting better by the minute, what's up buttercup?'

'I have news, guess what,' my smile widened,

'What, what, what?'

'Well I recieved another letter from The National Academy of Dance, and they told me one of their applicants had withdrawn for some reason and now there was a position available. I was recommended and I'm in Amb' I'm in!' I finished with the goofy grin still plastered on my face and waited for a response, the line stayed quiet for a few seconds before I was startled,

'EEEEEEEE, I'm so proud of you Kee! I told you, you would make it in, what would you do without me? I'm so happy for you though' my smile grew at her reaction and I thanked her. I soon ended the call and ran to my laptop. I switched it on and opened up to the official academy's site. Clicking on the tab 'applicants' I quickly entered the code on the back of the letter they had sent me and logged in. In large font the question

'Would you like to accept this offer to the academy?' came up with two small boxes. One had the word accept next to it and the other the word decline. I took one last deep breath and ticked the one next to 'accept' then 'confirm'.

Little did I know, that tick was going to change my life. It was going to turn a hobby into a passion and a passion into my life.

Thank you to anyone who read the first chapter and don't worry the story isn't going to be this boring I was just setting in the character :) please comment and or vote, thank you!!

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