The National Academy Of Dance

Kiera is your average 17 year old girl. After being persuaded by her best friend she tries out for NSD: The National School Of Dance. The Auditions decided whether you make It into the school and whether or not you receive a scholarship of dance. Once making it in Kiera meets her dorm room buddy and meets a few people a long the way. But what or who tears Kiera's focus away from her passion of dance.
What can the passion of dance possess?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"No." I repeated the same word for the hundredth time to my best friend.

"Please, Please, Please!" She just continued nagging me, her greatest flaw,

"No. No. No."

"But why?" she wined once again as if she wasn't a young adult.

"Because I haven't let anyone see me dance before, I'm not going to go try out at the NAD." Amber was my best friend and has been since junior year. She wanted me to try out for NAD: The National Academy Of Dance. I have only danced in front of her and my mother when she was still alive, but if I auditioned for NAD it would give me the chance of a scholarship, that means it would save my dad a heck of a lot of money. I was one of those people who whenever they start dancing they enter their own world, dance was my passion, my life and a part of who I was.

 It has gotten my through some pretty tough times, like when my mum passed. I was devastated and still am very touchy about the subject but she was a dancer as well which motivated me to pursue my dreams. She had taught me that no matter how hard life was it was just testing you, it was trying to see whether or not you would be capable to jump over the obstacle that it hurls at you, you can either accept the challenge and face it head on, or back down and allow it to cause you to fall.

Thanks to Amber and my gut feeling I was now on the official NAD website and am about to submit my application of entry.  It allowed me nearly five weeks to practice and ace the routines set for all applicants, I wasn't nervous because it's not like this is going to decide my future, I was just going to give it my best and if my best wasn't enough so be it. Although saying that I still was going to practice and try my hardest because if I did manage to make it in, then that would be a big accomplishment.

My main style was hip hop. It seemed to allow me to enter my own world, I could still do all the other ones like jazz, ballet and contemporary just not as swiftly as this one. Within the five weeks I had, I was required to learn four different routines each a different style, ballet, hip hop, jazz and last but not least contemporary.


It was February 4th, audition day. I was all set in my Jazz gear, my black tights and a simple ebony top with my jazz shoes on. I finished doing my stretches and watched through the window in front of me that looked into the room where I was soon to be auditioning. There was currently a young girl seeming about my age, doing the routine I was shortly going to perform. Everyone who applied today all had an incredible amount of talent so I wasn't going to get my hopes up. As the girl through the window, also known as applicant number 863 bowed walked out the next one walked in. He had just as much talent as all the others but as he was finishing off his performance I realized I was next in line. I admit I was quite nervous and I could feel the pace of my heart quicken but I tried to calm myself down for the sake of my dancing. As the person through the window bowed and I slowly walked  in, and nodded at the person in charge of the music telling them I was ready, I took one last deep breath staring at all four intimidating faces in front of me and began.  I could feel them analysing every step I took and every move I performed but I tried my best to zone them out. As the music began to come to a stop I did my finally turn and finished off with a bow, walking back through the doors and letting out a breath I never knew I was holding in. Next I walked a few metres down the hallway to the ballet studio, I looked around for the change rooms but unfortunately there was no luck so I decided to ask one of the students here. I saw a girl around my age standing in front of what seemed her locker and I tapped her on the shoulder,

"Hi, I was just wondering if you know where the girls change rooms are?"

She nodded and replied "Sure, just keep going straight and take your first left and you'll see the bathrooms in your sight." I thanked her and followed her directions soon finding the bathrooms. I entered stripping myself from my clothes and looking through my bag for my leotard, I smiled as I found it but as I stood up I saw two shirtless men in front of me smiling. I grabbed the closest thing I could find which seemed to be my bag,

"Get out!!!!!" I yelled once I got hold of what was happening, they just smirked and the one with the toned body replied saying,

"We should be saying that to you." I looked around and went a shade of scarlet when I realised I was indeed in the male change rooms. I apologised, grabbed one of the towels and wrapped it around me while hearing the echo of a husky chuckle as I walked out annoyed that the other girl purposely led me to the guys rooms.

I entered the ladies bathrooms and changed into my leotard, ballet shoes and stockings. I ran to the ballet studio and realised I was supposed to enter right now, I thanked the lord for my luck and walked in. I performed my piece and curtseyed walking out and returning to the ladies change rooms into my contemporary outfit. I repeated what I did for ballet but in a different style and once again returned to the change rooms. I smiled as I realised next was hip hop. I slipped on my baggy pants and hoodie with my sneakers on and jogged over to my next destination. Once I entered I let the beat of the music carry me and I once again entered my own world. Every move I did felt as if it had a special meaning. 

That was it, I had finished all my auditions and now it was up to the decisions of the judges, ill confess that I was really hoping to get in.


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