Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights is about a girl named Summer Daniels who spends her days wanting to go to sleep. Only because her dreams are what make her happy. You see for nights on end, Summer has dreams about a boy, the love of her life. Together they do many things and when her world is crashing around her he is there for comfort. They only questions that haunt her are.....Is he real? Could he be out the dreaming of her too?


2. Part One

"I'll race you to the waterfall!" 

  His silk voice coated with an accent carried out and over to me by the wind blowing my hair in front of my face. 

"Alright but we all know I'm going to win anyway!" 

  My bare feet took off running after the tall lean boy, only a little ways ahead of me.
 He was fast, but in our many races here in this tropical forest like oasis, I always beat him. Or maybe he just let me win.... Either way I got to run and running was my escape from everything. Today we were running for the waterfall just around the river bend. It's water flowed over many rocks rough then smooth, rough then smooth.

  Running was the best thing ever. I felt the wind in my hair and damp earth beneath my bare feet. Beside me the water rushing at a fast pace. Almost as if the water was trying to outrun me itself. Yet I somehow managed to beat it. Rocks and roots of trees blocked me, but I didn't let them stop me from my happiness I simply jumped and they were far behind me.

  I could do this for days and never get bored or tired. The only thing better than running was being with him. The boy that made everything that ever felt or went wrong in my screwed up life fade away. 

  Thoughts sped through my mind just like the rushing water beside me, as I watched my surroundings go by in a blur trees turning just into green and the blue sky above me. 

  The sound of rushing water was getting closer as we neared the waterfall. Dropping gallons upon gallons of water into a pool and from there, a river. The mist coming off the fall stuck to my face my hair starting to get damp letting me know it wasn't to far ahead. 

   Next thing I knew the boy was behind me still running with all his might. Giving him a bright smile I kept on, slightly faster, knowing for sure I was sure to win again. 

  "Thought you could keep up!"

  I yelled behind me hoping the wind would carry my voice to him. In response all I got was laughter and heavy panting. 

  Making it to the clearing of the trees I saw it. The enormous curtain of water where I had first met the boy. The memory came back to me in black and white.

  I had been sitting underneath one of these trees letting it's shade block me from the sun. I sat drawing this same waterfall in my sketchbook. Every little detail. The white foam at the bottom, the different shades of blue, even the shimmer of the sun on the water.

  That's when he came for the first time, asking me what I had been drawing, and the rest history. 

  The world went back to color. I bent over to catch my breath and noticed I was alone. He should've been here by now. After all he was only a few steps behind me. 
 My voice was shaky but loud enough to where he could hear me. There was no sound, no response. Just silence and the sound of rising water. Odd. 

  Just as I was about peer behind one of the trees I was knocked on my back into the water only about a inch deep since it was close to the edge of the river.  My eyes went wide  surprised at the sudden impact of cold water. A small yelp left my mouth. 


  Opening one eye at a time I saw him hovering over me a big smile plastered on his face. That perfect smile that could save nations. His body pressed against mine. No longer scared or stunned I laughed.
   We laid there like this in the water for what seemed like hours, just laughing and smiling. Each of us soaking wet. Her damp hair hung and perfectly framed his face.

  That's when we caught each others gaze. Our eyes locked intently staring at one another. My damp hair was pushed from my face and behind my ear. His face began moving closer and closer to mine. The small water droplets falling from his hair onto my face. Like little kisses of water.

  His hot breath pushed against my lips. My eyes shut. I could almost feel the way his lips were to touch mine. We were only inches apart now.


His voice was at a small whisper.


I but my lip in anticipation.

"Wake up." 


  Everything became a blur and then, darkness. Eyes shooting open, I jerked awake sitting straight up in my bed. A pang of disappointment hit me
  As if someone found a perfectly good pearl went to the pawn shop, only to find it was a fake. My heart sank. Not again....

  My hands went to my eyes rubbing the sleep away from them. Only to be brought to the reality. I was in my lonely room by myself waking up for yet another day only to realize it was all a dream. My dream boy was gone. 

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