Jerk That I Used To Know.

My twin brother. More like my twin BOTHER! The Amazing Louis Tomlinson! Blah Blah Blah! HA! Louis will have most likely have forgotten about me. I ran away when I was 13. 5 years ago. I have a job as a undercover bodyguard for celebrity's. No biggie. Now he is a celeb and I have to work undercover as one of their 'girlfriends' GREAAAAAAT! - note sarcasm.


4. Pick Your Boy.

Kara's POV:

"But DAAAAD! I have a boyfriend!" I whine, "I know sweetie but he knows what is happening." "Ugh. Fine. But dad can I please please please with a cherry on top can I go say bye to Max?"

Louis' POV:

Max? As in Max Jones? But he died along with my sister. Actually she never said Jones. She only said Max. But if it is Max Jones. God. That would be awkward but I have to know. "Mr. Bond? Could Kara show us around a bit and we meet her boyfriend so he knows who she'll be with?" The words are outta my mouth before I can stop them. A look passes between Kara and James. "Sure I guess.'' Says James. Kara looks sick. "Um. He's on a mission remember?" She says desperately, James gives her a look but agrees.

Paul's POV:

"Okay Kara we have to go in 5 minutes. Pick your 'boyfriend'" I say. Kara glances at the boys. "No. No. No. No. Whatever." Kara says. She said no to Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn and said 'Whatever' to Niall. I glance at the clock, Kara grabs her bag and I usher them to the car.

Sorry it's short. I have to go do homework or be grounded. Maybe do some more later. See yous. -Katie.

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