Who Are You, Really?

Harry Styles, world famous superstar- but that's exactly the problem. He loves what he does, the fans and the positive sides to who he is, but he's on the verge of his breaking point when it comes to dealing with the media and fake friends. He can't trust anyone. Anyone except one.


7. Flight 175

“Harry Styles out drinking again for the third time this month. Yes that’s right, the 1D lad we all thought was getting back on track with his lifestyle has once again been caught heading out to clubs and stumbling home in the early hours of the morning.” I watched a YouTube update accounts video that had only been uploaded a couple of hours ago as I packed my bags at 12am, a couple days until I was leaving to America. “The curly haired Harry has been leaving his happy reputation behind as he continues to go out and party. Sources say that he’s definitely hanging around with the wrong people, most he’s not even friends with. We see his bipolar modes flip from badass to happy-go-lucky as new friend Rose Williams tours occasionally with the boy band across the U.K. Will we be seeing more of her in the American leg of the tour, or is she just a friend that is pretty much a nobody.” “Yeah well I’ll tell you who’s a nobody you little bitch.” I said as I chucked some more t-shirts into a bag. I stared at the pictures flashing across the screen of me and my obese double chins getting into my car in a groceries store parking lot. I don’t even remember when that was. Oh actually I do, it was when I had to restock on the chicken munchies for our apartment. Mmm, I want some now. “None of us enjoy seeing Harry like this, but apparently it’s not from the fame, but how people respect him that really gets to him. Let’s just hope Styles doesn’t make a third night out on the town, a fourth. I’m Denise Leena, and this is Hollywood Daily Updates. Click to subscribe below.” I sighed. It was so back and forth. I watched and listened to stories as he went out and showed up to work angry and tired, and then when I saw them I couldn’t understand what anyone was talking about. All I could think every time I saw him was ‘Who are you, really?’ I rang him up knowing he would be awake. It only took three rings for him to answer. “Hello?” “Hey, it’s Rose.” “I know.” He said. “You set that stupid booty man song as your ringtone.” He laughed. “Oh yeah.” I said, giggling to myself. I heard him yawn and I looked at my bag, debating whether or not to chuck in my new sandals. “It’s 12 in the morning, why are you up?” He asked. “I was just wondering if you were at home or not.” I said to him. “Yeah, I am. Why?” He asked. I breathed a sigh of relief and closed the tab I’d watched the YouTube video on. “I just wanted to know if you were out or not, that’s all. Can’t a friend be worried for another friend.” “Why would you be worried?” He asked. Shit he was on to me. I listened, just hearing him breathe through the phone, and I didn’t reply for a couple of seconds. “Why wouldn’t I?” I said and smiled. “Well goodnight Harry.” “Goodnight.” He said, and I could hear the smile in his voice. “Thanks for checking up on me.” He chuckled. “No problem.” I said and had a final goodbye before hanging up. That was the Harry I knew and loved. It was just a matter of finding which side to him was the real one. ------------------- “Mum calm down it’s just for a couple of months. Stop crying you’re embarrassing me.” I said as I scurried back and forth through my apartment throwing the final clothes and shit in my bags. I was off, finally leaving the U.K. I had a flight in 4 hours and it was first stop Mexico City. It took off at 9pm so it started off as a night flight. The boys had finished their U.K leg of the tour and were off to start the real magic over in the United States. “I’m not crying.” She sniffled and helped zip up one of my two bags. I obviously told my mum about all this as there was no way around lying my way to America. She didn’t mind obviously, but like myself, she wondered if I was being unfair to Luke. Penny was standing with her arms folded by the couch. I think she was a tad butt hurt I was leaving her alone in the apartment for so long. “I hate those boys so much. I don’t want you to leave.” She joked and I went to give her a hug. She and my mum were going to drive me to the airport. I had very specific instructions of where to go and how to get to the plane as it was apparently through a restricted section of the airport. I mean the actual plane was any old jet, with normal travelling passengers on it but they entered through another section so fans couldn’t get to them and stuff like that. “We better get cracking Rose if you want to stay on time.” My mum smiled and I picked up my two bags. Penny took one off my shoulder and carried it herself. I was trying to make sure I had everything. Passport. Hairbrush. Underwear. “Is Luke going to say goodbye at the airport before you go? He won’t see you for a long time.” My mum asked. She was always fond of him. Luke didn’t want to say goodbye at the airport. Well that plus he had another business meeting. I saw him the night before for some sense of a farewell night but he was pretty pissed that I was going to America with the boys for so long. At that point I didn’t really care. “No we said goodbye last night.” I smiled and told her. I walked faster than Penny and my mum, skipping down the steps to the bottom floor. We dumped my bags in the back of the car and headed off to the airport. Mum drove slow to let the time pass but it was only a matter of time before we arrived at Heathrow. I asked mum and Penny not to bother coming all the way in to check in. It would be easier to do it without an emotional mother crying by my side. Penny hugged me as I got ready to walk inside to the check in and sighed with a smile. “Don’t get into too much trouble okay, remember the drinking law is 21 there. Also try and stay out of Harry’s pants for more than 5 minutes.” She said and I hit her. “But seriously, be careful. People own guns over there.” She whispered and I laughed as I hugged her a final time. My mum stood off to the side waiting patiently and I turned to face her. “Look at you. First time out of here and not even with your old mum.” She smiled. “Rose make every minute worth it over there, because next thing you’ll know you’ll be back here and it’ll hit you like a packet of sardines. There’s nothing like the sad feeling of coming home after a holiday.” “The tourist attractions aren’t the reason I’m going mum.” “I know, I know, you’re going because of- “The boys.” “-Harry.” She said at the same time as me. “What?” I asked almost wanting to laugh. “Oh come on. You might be friends with those boys but I hear the way you talk about him on the phone every week. I might be old but I can certainly read the signs.” “Oh I do not need this right now. We’re friends mum. Close friends.” “Just be careful what you get yourself into, is all I’m saying. I don’t want you to get hurt.” “Okay goodbye. I’m checking in now.” “Alright sweetheart. Have a nice flight and call me when you arrive, I love you.” She shouted as I walked away and blew her a kiss. Penny waved to me and I gave her an excited thumbs up as I took out my phone to follow the text, ‘Zayn: The usually shit instructions giver’ gave me. rose. walk to where you would check in normally and just show them the pass we gave you and it will get you through. ...otherwise call me. As soon as I entered the building there was a huge crowd of fans being controlled by security. I tried to walk past them without stopping as some screamed my name. I know! My name... I’m just a big old tub of lard. Some shouted some mean ass insults at me. I thought that was the worst part but then I walked further up the line to a mass of paparazzi who thankfully didn't have a clue who I was until one little rat shouted "Hey! Isn't that the girl that travels with One Direction!" and flashes burst from their cameras. I put my sunglasses down. The best part is I was dressed like satans ass with sweats on. I scurried up to a nervous looking lady at the check in desk as photographers closed in, trying to snap where I was heading to. "Hi, I have this pass here that gets me to some restricted entrance. That's what they told me anyway, can you help?" "Sure! Let me take a look." She smiled and slid the pass across the bench. "Right. Keep a hold of this card and keep walking to the other end of this room where you'll see a door with 'Restricted Access' printed on it. There'll be a lady there today to check who can go in, just show her your pass and you should be fine." "Okay thanks for that." I said and loaded my bags onto the racks before heading off into the other direction. "Hey! Sweetheart give us a smile to the left!" "Rosie, are you heading to Mexico with the boys? Are you heading to Mexico?" "Are you excited to see Harry this morning." News reports about Harry and I were always the most common as we spent the most time together. It just stirred a lot of shit really. "Will you be seated with the boys on the plane or with their management." "Take off the sunglasses love." "Can you confirm the dating rumours." I showed the lady my pass and ticket and she led me away from the paparazzi through the doors and laughed. "My God they're like vultures ain't they?" "Hell yeah. They aren't usually so bad." We made our way into a small office as we talked. "They're always hovering at airports." "So they'll be waiting in Mexico too?" "You betcha." The old lady laughed as she took my passport and checked me in properly. "...So you've already let the boys through?" "Yeah. Lovely guys, really charming." I laughed as we walked heaps of stairs down to the floor level. "You better walk fast when I open this door down here love. The paparazzi pay to be here and usually have unrestricted access. They’ll probably be there all the way to the plane." "Great." I sighed. She chuckled and then opened the door for me. It led outside to where the jet was parked and a pathway was cleared to the front entrance of the plane. Regular passengers were entering through the back way. The engines roared as the plane warmed up and my hair blew sideways. As soon as I stepped outside more paparazzi swarmed. "Look over here please." "Give us a proper smile." "Are you paid to be around the boys?" "Look this way!" "Just right over here love, big smiles for the camera!" "What do you think about the fans? Are they beyond crazy?" "No, they aren’t beyond crazy, unlike all of you." I mumbled, which I probably shouldn’t of, as I think some of them heard it but I kept walking straight to the stairs leading up into the plane. Cameras kept flashing, voices kept shouting. I mean there weren’t millions of paparazzi or anything but it was fucking annoying. I ignored it and walked up the stairs into the cabin to be greeted by two flight attendants. "Hello, welcome aboard Flight 185, London to Mexico. Can I have your ticket?" "Yeah sure, here." I looked down the aisle and saw Niall waving to me like a freak. "Thanks. You're straight down-" She stopped when she saw Niall and laughed. "Thanks, I've got it." I smiled at her and began rolling my bags down the aisle. Niall said hello to me and made fun of my bug sunglasses which he took off my face and tried on, but the others were too wrapped up in conversation to barely notice I was there. "Hey assholes." I said and flicked Harry's ear. "Ow." He laughed and turned around. "So you made it.” Zayn said and stood up to give me a hug. It was pretty cool actually; they had booked 8 chairs, two facing two with the aisle in the middle separating the groups of four. I chucked my carryon bag up into the cabin closet and took a window seat across from Liam and Zayn. “Alright, who’s ready for eleven hours of hell.” I sighed. “But this is so great are you guys pumped. We’re heading to Mexico, where’s my sombrero?” They all looked half dead to be honest. Liam had his eyes closed, sitting in his seat while flight attendants demonstrated the usual safety instructions and Louis yawned as he reached for his phone. "Hold my shit. They have wifi on this plane? Since when do planes have wifi." "It's not that great but yeah some planes have wifi." Zayn said. "Well this is just the greatest day of my life." I giggled to myself, connecting my phone and later my laptop. We were about two hours into the flight when I looked over diagonally at Harry who was reading a book, which seemed unlike him but maybe he was into that sort of thing. I could never tell. Louis was absolutely right, and once I left them in Cardiff, I’d gotten more stuck down into finding out what Harry was like from people's perspectives. He went to clubs, got drunk, hung out with the wrong kind of people and acted like a complete asshole when I wasn't there to witness it. I mean, I wasn't exactly thrilled to whip hundreds of dollars out of my ass to pay for the flight to America but I was basically being forced by the rest of them so they wouldn’t have to deal with his nonsense the entire time. Liam was still sleeping over on the other seats, and had Louis leaning on his shoulder who claimed he was ‘resting his eyes’ but I saw right through his bullshit. Harry was across from them beside the window with his legs stretched out onto the other seat. Meanwhile Zayn was on the window side facing me drawing on a sketch pad. He, Niall, Harry and I were the ones awake at this point. “Hey Zayn you can draw a portrait of me if you want.” “No.” “Aw come on.” He just shook his head and continued concentrating on a little cartoon drawing. “Is that Perrie?” I asked, trying to see it from upside down. He just looked up at me, dumbfounded. He flipped the sketch to face me and I saw it was actually a duck. Yes. A cartoon duck. “Wow. Okay, that is not Perrie.” I laughed and he tried not to but he laughed shaking his head. Even Harry out of the corner of his eye was smiling behind his book. Niall, sitting next to Zayn kept trying to flip the pages to see what else he’d drawn and Zayn had to keep hitting him away. “Woah wait is that me?” Niall asked, looking half under one page at a cartoon drawing. Zayn stopped drawing and lifted his arm off the book so Niall could flip the page. “Which one? – Oh.” Zayn said and started to laugh hysterically. It was 11pm by this point and passengers were giving us glances. “What the hell is that supposed to be?” Niall asked looking wide eyed at the picture. I was laughing just watching them. “Show me.” I said and Zayn flipped the book and a Niall cartoon with a giant head and a small body which was attempting to Irish dance shone on the page. I started laughing like a hippo. It was honestly a disturbing picture. “Bro, that’s plain wrong.” Niall said and took a final glance at the picture before shutting the book. Half an hour later Niall had fallen victim to the night and was asleep, leaning awkwardly in his chair. Zayn found it hard to sleep on planes and was still doodling about. I had moved to the chair next to Harry by this point, as he’d forced me and Liam (when he’d awaken for a short 10 minutes) to play four rounds of intense Uno. He wasn’t impressed when I whipped their ass all four times. In fact, he was so butt hurt, that he ignored me for a good 5 minutes and I had to go back to pressuring Zayn. “Dude. Draw me.” I whispered to Zayn. “I’m not gonna draw you, I don’t draw people when they’re right with me, it puts on too much pressure and turns out shit.” “Oh come on don’t be a puss. It doesn’t have to be extravagant.” “Okay fine.” He said and I smiled like a little bitch. “Give me like 30 seconds.” I turned my heads to different angles, letting Zayn capture my good side. Surprisingly he didn’t glance up at me too often. He must know what I look like by heart, what a good friend. “Alright, here you go.” He said and smiled. “Oh my god, okay let me see.” I said and reached over the aisle, purposely elbowing Harry in the guts as I sat up. I took the book and as soon as I turned it around Zayn started laughing. “You little ass.” I said staring at the picture. It was a cartoon of a massive piece of dog shit with a Rose growing out of it. Except the rose had hands coming off its stems, and were flipping the bird. “The worst thing is it actually does sum me up pretty well.” I said. “Let me see.” Harry said from behind my shoulder and reached around my waist to stick his hand out. I sighed as I handed it to him beside me. He smiled instantly and soon, couldn’t stop laughing. “That’s so great.” He laughed and handed it back to me to give to Zayn. I took a picture of it and uploaded it to twitter with the disgraceful caption: “NEVER ask Zayn to draw you.” When 1:30am hit, I was the only one still awake and I was watching the iCarly video the boys filmed as I’d never seen it and they always complained how bad their acting was in it in interviews. I’d downloaded it a couple days before so I could watch it in America, but I was bored right now so I dug it out of my videos folder. I smiled the entire way through as I watched them just be so stupid. And the way they dressed, it made me want to kill myself with happiness. I’d never really known too much about them back at that point, but looking back on those times I’d always much preferred when they rocked little customized blazers and varsity jackets with matching tan pants. It was one of the best and stupidest things I’d ever seen in my life, and whenever they said something on the show, I looked at them on the plane and just wondered how they were even the same people. A half hour later I somehow ended up on the ‘emotionally not ok videos of One Direction’ side of YouTube and almost sat there not knowing whether to cry or laugh. Like the video of Harry crying way back after X-Factor. That made me entirely uncomfortable and then sort of just made me really upset. So I aborted away from that section A.S.A.P. I headed to twitter instead. Unfortunately by chance I saw this tweet first. @FlorencePayner_: @RoseWilliams could u please watch this video and share it! its so important. https://t.co/RJZElipX84 I clicked the link to a YouTube video and put in my headphones. I glanced at each of the boys but they were all dead in their seats. (Not actually) Harry was sleeping in the chair beside me with his arms folded. He was leaning his head against the window rather than my shoulder as I told him to piss off earlier when he threatened to drool on me. The title was 'Harry Styles | More Than Famous' and as soon as I clicked play, my heart dropped to my stomach. In the video, Harry talked on about how he hated being labelled as a celebrity because everyone just sees you as famous and no one thinks of you as a nice guy, or funny. Just as being famous. It was painful to listen too, let alone watch. It was a 3 minute video but I stopped it at around 30 seconds in. A paparazzi had shouted, asking Harry what he thought about being one of the major sex idols in the world. Harry was taking a photo with a fan, and the face he made when hearing the paparazzi was sickening. It broke his heart to think people thought of him as that. I sat staring at the screen, frozen. “My god.” I said and rolled my eyes. I retweeted the link on twitter, along with how disgusting it was that people talked to him like that. "Rose?" I heard mumbled, and almost jumped, and I had to catch my laptop before it slid off my lap. Harry had woken up from beside me and was looking at me through sleepy eyes. He hadn’t moved yet, besides turning his head. “Why are you still up, it’s really late.” He said checking the time on his phone. He’s one to talk about staying up late. “You’re going to be jetlagged.” He sat up properly as I didn’t turn around to face him. "What's wrong, are you alright?" He asked, looking at me. I turned and saw him, his face full of concern. It was complete bullshit someone as nice as him could be labelled like that. “I just... It’s nothing. Sorry for waking you.” I said and leaned on his shoulder, feeling the sleepiness spread to my head. “Try sleep.” He mumbled as he threw half his blanket over me. I leaned against his side as I closed my eyes, and feel asleep listening to his breathes, as they got slower and slower until he’d fallen back asleep. "Rose, wake up." I heard. “Come on don’t be a lazy butt.” I opened my eyes and saw Liam sitting in front of me, shaking my arm. I woke up groggy and it was bright outside the plane windows. "No." I said and dug my head back into my pillow. "Come on, we only have a couple of hours to go before we land." He said and I opened my eyes properly. "Wait what?" I said sitting up and struggled to grab my phone out out of my butt pocket. “Oh my god, we’re on a plane.” I said, realising my surroundings. Liam smiled and Niall laughed from his seat. They were the only two up. “We’re almost in Mexico?” I asked mumbling, rubbing my eyes and trying to cover up the death face that I was when I first wake up. “What time is it?” “12 in the afternoon.” Niall said. “Well 5am London time. 12, Mexico time.” Liam clarified. “Well fuck that shit.” I said and closed my eyes again. 5am isn’t even legal in my mind. “No, seriously we’re bored. Wake up.” Niall said. “There’s got to be something you can do... Go play with yourselves or something.” I mumbled with my eyes closed. A couple seconds passed and there was only silence. “Too far?” I asked and opened my eyes. Liam looked shocked, but Niall let out a burst of laughter he was trying to keep in, which made me laugh like a horse. I heard a small groan from beside me and suddenly I started slipping over to the left. “Liam. What’s happening.” I asked, my eyes widening, as I started to fall backwards into my seat. He laughed and looked to my left. "Oh my fuck." I said as I looked over to Harry beside me who I thought was a pillow all along. I'd been leaning against his shoulder the entire night, and when he heard us laugh he’d turned in his sleep. At this point I was trapped underneath the blanket we were sharing and my cheek was squished against his side. “Well how great is this.” I said sarcastically as I tried to wedge out of my uncomfortable position. Harry was still asleep with his head against the window and as I tried to sit back up properly he twisted again. Liam, Niall and I all froze trying not to wake the beast and we breathed a sigh of relief when he didn’t open his eyes and finally stopped turning in his sleep. I just stared back and forth to Liam and Niall. "Do you think he noticed?" I asked and Liam just smiled. "You tell me." He said and gestured to Harry's arm which was now wrapped around me, cuddling me like a bedtime toy. "Right." I said and started to try move his arm away from me. "Don't wake him!" Liam said and leaned over to whack my hand. I stared at him. "I don't think he gets a lot of sleep..." He said and looked at Harry. He was right. "So you can wake me up and not him." I said and flipped Liam the bird. “And what about the other bums. Why am I awake and not them?” I asked and reached for a magazine on the small table in front of me. I tore off a page and scrunched it up into a ball. “Oi Louis, wake up you scumbag.” I said and chucked the paper ball at full force. It whacked him right in his sleeping face, and for a second I felt bad as he jolted upright. But only for a second. “What the hell?” Louis asked opening his eyes. “Who just threw something at me?” He patted his legs and around his chair and grabbed the paper ball. He scanned our faces looking for the victim. He stopped at me. “I should’ve known straight away.” He laughed and chucked the ball right at my face. Luckily for my skills I ducked, but unluckily, it hit Harry right in the jawline. I mean it was only a paper ball but... it looked like it had some force on it. Harry’s head started to move and I made a face as he sat up and covered his eyes with his spare arm. “What is going on?” He moaned, and had to clear his voice. It was fucking hot. “It was all Louis.” I said and Harry moved his left arm away from his face. “Jesus.” He moaned as he looked at me. “Yeah well you’re not that fun to wake up to either now that you mention it, you big ball of ass.” I said and Niall and Louis laughed a little too hard. “No not that... just my arm. Sorry.” He smiled and removed his arm. “Your arm didn’t offend me too much, if that’s what you’re wondering.” I laughed. “Good Afternoon passengers! Or morning if you like! Good for the early birds as I like to think, haha!” The pilot said over the intercom. I think everyone on the plane rolled their eyes simultaneously. “The weather in Mexico is warm 28 degrees Celsius, and we are set to land in less than an hour as we’re right on schedule. It’s been an honour flying with you and I hope you enjoy your trip.” He said before the intercom stopped. “I hate waking up Zayn, he’s the worst of them all.” Niall complained as we looked over to Zayn who had fallen asleep with the pillow on top of his head. “There’s only one way to really do this right.” I said and unbuckled my seatbelt to walk over to the aisle. I carefully took the pillow off Zayns head and stared at him sleeping innocently. “Zayn? Wake up!” I said and whacked him with the pillow about 3 times before he raised his arms up in defence. “What is wrong with you?” He said and sat up, trying to straighten his crooked hair. He also said some not so nice words but by that point I was off the plane’s bathroom to brush my teeth and brush my hair. You know, girly things like that so I could at least look civilised when I got off the plane. Eventually, once we'd tackled the passport checks, security, airport fans and paparazzi we were directed into two cars. Louis, Harry and I in one and Liam, Zayn, Niall and I think also Lou Teasdale in the other. It was an hours drive to the airport and half an hour in, Louis was conked out asleep. "For someone who acts like a diva 90% of the time, he sure knows how to sleep attractively." I said sarcastically, as Louis' mouth hung open against the car door. "Yeah that's pretty bad." Harry said and almost went to fix Louis' into a more appropriate position, but decided against it. We sat silently for a few moments. “I—” I started to say but he started to say something too so I stopped. “What?” “No you go first.” He said. “No you go.” I said back. “Never mind.” He said and I groaned and took off my sunglasses just to stare at him until he uncomfortably said what he was going to say. He glanced around to Louis, and the driver who had a panel between us and him anyway. “Okay fine.” He finally said and kept his eyes on his feet the entire time while saying, “So are we just going to forget that little thing…that happened after the exhibition...that day?” Shit man, I should’ve gone first… “Uh.” was all I could say. I put my sunglasses back on. “I guess that was what I was going to do…Wow I sound like a douche.” “No you don’t I’m just asking.” He said, now staring out the window. “I mean, I think we should. This, whatever 'this' is or was probably won't happen because, well. I'm in a relationship... a happy relationship and,” he was still staring out the window, “well, to put it simply there are millions of girls on this earth that want you on their face. So I think it's only fair you choose one of them to love and behold.” While I’m miserable and stuck in a relationship that's going nowhere and I may or may not like you a little tad more than just a friend. “So I guess, we'll just move on from whatever it was and forget it…” I said. “Precisely.” Just fucking take your eyes off the window for a second. “But you'll still be my friend... right?” “No, yeah of course.” I said and he was finally looking at me and smiling. “Good. I need that.” He said. That didn’t sound super gay at all. We changed the subject for the rest of the car ride. "Where do I sign up for the nearest bed?" Zayn asked mumbling as he rubbed his eyes, clambering into the hotel lobby. Let me remind you it was 1:30 in the afternoon at this moment. We were somewhere, but I didn't have any clue and I was too tired to check. It was such an effort to travel to another time zone and be awake at the same time, I don't know how they do it. Security tossed us a key to our rooms and because we weren't staying there for very long, they doubled us up on rooms. It was good for me because I got bunked with Lou and her little girl Lux which was fine as far as I was concerned. I just wanted to sleep for another 5 hours and then even more after that. Lou was always really nice, although I'd never spoken to her for too long. I guess she'd have to stay in a happy mindset, just so she wouldn't turn rabid having to do the guys hair everyday. I mean they can’t sit still for five minutes, but her daughter was the absolute, most cutest thing to exist on this earth. Zayn made me help him take one of his bags to his and Liam's room. The little bitch ass. He flopped backwards on his bed as I dumped the bag off my shoulder and onto the ground. "There you, piece of lard." I said and went into their bathroom to look in the mirror. "That’s nasty." I said to myself as I looked at my tired, pale face in the reflection. I yawned and called out to Zayn. "Hey Zen..." "...Yeah?" I heard moaned from the other room. "Do you think maybe I could use your man perfume tomorrow morning because I forgot mine and you know... you smell the most like a chick." There was no reply as I dug around a bag he'd put in the bathroom for his cologne bottle. "Well I'll take that as a yes." I said as I found the bottle and propped it on the bathroom sink. "Zayn?" I walked out into the room where he was flat out asleep on top of the covers. Wow what a little douche, we were midway through conversation. I thought about finding a blanket for him and then I just laughed out loud to myself and walked out to the hallway. Liam asked me why I was being weird as I crossed him in the hall. "Just don't rest the sleeping beauty." I said and went into my own room where Lou gave me a wave as she chatted on her mobile. She'd put Lux straight down in a cot and I changed into my pyjamas in the bathroom because even though 'yeah girl power!' I didn't want Lou to think I was giving her the wrong impression with a lesbian striptease. "Hey Rose?" She called. "Yaaaa." I said, almost tripping over as I put my leg in the wrong pant hole. "What bed do you want? Left?" "Yeah, that’s fine by me. Just as long as I don't offend you with my ugly hair as you sleep." I said and came out of the bathroom. She laughed. “I really like your hair!” Lies. LIES. “I was actually meaning to ask you what product you use to smooth your hair." She asked as she laid out all her hair and makeup kits for tomorrow. "Well... It's definitely a... conditioner of some sort." I said trying to think of a top brand name off the top of my head. I didn't know any. She just laughed at my saddening lack of hair goddess knowledge. Well jokes on her because I feed her baby chocolate when she’s not looking and she bloody loves it. “Hey, are you two alive because everyone else- Oh! You’re on the phone. Soz man.” I said as I walked into Harry and Niall’s room and saw Harry pacing the room on his mobile. Niall looked a bit mad, shaking his head as he entered and Harry paused when he saw me, almost deciding whether to finish the call or not. He didn’t. “Hey Niall.” I whispered as I sat down on the couch next to him. I pulled my socks up which had slipped down into my ankles and turned to Niall. “What’s with the grumpy face.” I asked, poking his cheek. “Nothing, it’s stupid.” He shrugged. “Aw come on. Tell meeeee.” I said, but he just sat there and re-positioned his legs. I rolled my eyes and sighed dramatically and slithered deep into the corner of the couch letting my double chin possess me. “Who’s he on the phone with?” I asked. Niall just scoffed and turned to me. “Some girl he met last time he came to America, he’s asking her if she wants to meet him out here. “Oh.” Was all I could say. Well, he has lots of friends. She’s just a friend, I’m sure. “Exactly something Harry would do.” Niall said and shook his head. I didn’t want to question it and I was too tired to become involved so I just asked if Niall wanted to go somewhere because I might have been fucking tired, but if I was going to get back into a normal sleeping pattern I was going to have to wear myself out today. “Yeah, sure. Where?” He asked, putting his ray bans on. “Does it look like I have a clue what to do in Mexico?” I laughed and he shrugged, grabbing his wallet. “...What about that famous football stadium they have. We could go there and play on the field if we get Louis or whatever.” “Rose, you can’t just play soccer in the middle of a sports arena.” He said. I just stared at him until he cracked a smile. “Okay, I could probably get it for us. But I mean, only if it’s not in use.” “Haha okay. Otherwise we’ll just find some random park that we can play in. Not that I plan on getting too into it.” I said with shifty eyes. “Hold on a sec love-“ Harry said into the phone and covered the speaker with his hand. “Where are you guys going?” “Just a sports place to kick some ball.” I said. He looked at me, scanning my face with a strange expression. “Okay. Well you guys go.” He said with a shitty attempt at a smile and turned back into his phone. “-Yeah, yeah. I’m free then, you can stay.” He mumbled. “Are you going to be alright on your own Harry? Would you like to come?” I said but he didn’t really hear me. “Sorry Rose, just give me a second.” He said and pointed to his phone. I just scoffed and rolled my eyes. “Right. Well let’s go get the other assholes.” I smiled at Niall and we left Harry alone in his room. “Whoa mate, you’re on the wrong side of the road!” Niall said and patted Louis’s shoulder. Louis was nominated to drive and we were really just giving him shit. “I did not wake up for this shit.” Zayn said next to me in the back seat. “I don’t even have a license and I’d be better than you.” He was trying to take a nap in the car once we’d dragged him back out of bed, but it was just too fun to make fun of Louis’ shitty driving. “Screw all of you guys. I could drop you off all right here in the middle of Mexico.” He said and took a swerve back onto the right side of the road. Lucky no traffic was oncoming. "Well I guess you could, but you probably don't even know how to stop the car." Niall bantered on as Louis stuck him the finger. He wasn't even a bad driver, it was just fun getting him pissed. "Yeah well you're all just a bunch of asses. Are we turning off here?" He asked and put on the blinkers. "Looks like something's happening." He said as we squinted out the windows to see hundreds of people walking into the sports arena. "Probably a soccer game or something." Zayn said, and I think we all turned around simultaneously just to stare at the idiocy of his sentence. Ten minutes later, and Niall had gone in to see if he could get us into a box view seat. The rest of us sat in the car we’d taken and laid around. Apparently it was the Men’s Finals for the season today, so it was way hyped up. Louis was switching radio stations to find a song he didn't hate, while Liam and Zayn sat on their phones. "Hey, what do you think was the deal with Niall this morning, he was having an anal attack." I said as I cleaned my fingernails. Disgusting, I know. "Dunno. He was pissed about something." Liam said and scrolled up and down his phone. "Who knows with him. Whatever it is, he's usually over it within 3 minutes." Louis said. Speak of the devil and there he shall appear, because at that instant Niall swung the car door open and smiled at us, saying he'd wormed his way into some box seats. "Thank god, this car was starting to smell like Louis' feet." I said and hopped out of the car. A couple floors up from the ground, an inside section of seating was shown to us, with a bar and pretty people mingling everywhere. "Well fuck me up the ass. I'm the odd one out here." I said signalling to the four hot celebrity boy band members I was with, compared to myself. "Shut up and enjoy the lifestyle for an hour or two. It won't kill you." Zayn said and headed to the bar. I followed Niall to sit outside of the members section, where the real action was happening and started to get really into it. Halfway through the match I was by far, one of the best supporters out there. "YEAH. WOOOOOO. COME ON YOU CAN DO IT! JUST KICK EM' UP THE ASS!" I yelled, cupping my mouth at the match on the field."Wait are we going for the yellow team, or the red?" I asked Niall. "Oh lord." He laughed and pulled me back down into my seat by my jacket. Liam offered me some of a weird cheese pie thing he'd bought off one of those men walking the stands. It looked like it was mould covered slice of bread. I told him to shove it up his ass. "We're going for red." Niall said and stood up to cheer as the goal got close. "YEAH COME ON! THAT'S THE WAY, SHOVE EM WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE." I screamed. Zayn yawned and folded his legs into another womanly position. "I can't believe I woke up for this." "You weren't even properly asleep you puss." I said to him and sat down. "Just chug on your beer and drown your sorrows away." "It's actually a gin and tonic." He said and raised his glass to show me. The ice pieces bobbled around. "Promise me you won't go around telling anymore people that." I said and he laughed. I sat back in my seat watching the game unfold as I ate some skittles. My phone buzzed and I saw a text from my mum asking if we’d arrived okay. I texted her back quickly and then lost what was happening in the game, so I just decided to stare at Zayn for as long as I could, side on, without him noticing. He sat there for so long with his arms folded that I started to breathe heavily through my nose to sound like I was having an asthma attack. “Will you quit it.” He said, turning around to look at me. “What is wrong with you.” I laughed a little too hard and then turned to Liam. "Hey when the hell is all your girls coming out on tour. I swear to god I feel like the only one." I said and nudged Liam. "I don't know exactly. Danielle's on a dance tour at the moment but whenever that ends she'll come out for a bit, yeah." Liam said. "But I love her face and hair and body and wow I can see why you love her. Hot dayum Liam, you pick them well. Also Zayn I may or may not sometimes cry because you talk to me and you've talked to Perrie so in a way it's like I've talked to Perrie." "You're a freak." He laughed. When the game ended, we drove to the first park we found and Niall and Louis kicked the ball we brought with us, around. "Hey Louis!" Niall said and pointed over Louis' shoulders. Louis spun around and Niall kicked the ball right into his ass. I laughed so hard I had to sit down on the grass and Liam was seriously worried I was going into Cardiac Arrest. Zayn was sitting on a bench like the girl that he was, on his phone. I kicked the ball when it came my way over into a bush and Niall shouted at me to go get it. When I came out of the bush, which in my defence, I could have been raped in, Niall looked at me funny. "What now." "I think there's a spider on your neck..." He said and pointed. "whaT THE FUCK." "Don't move." Liam said and I stood still for a second. Next minute Liam slapped me really hard and a literal dead spider fell to the ground. It was fucking big too.... about the size of my fingernail. "Wow you're a piece of shit Liam." I said as I rubbed my neck which stung like a bitch from his hand. "Aw come on. It was that or be poisoned." "Think you poisoned my soul." I mumbled and went to sit next to Zayn. It was starting to get really dark and I was surprised when Zayn told me Harry was still up texting him. "What is he saying?" I asked. "Something along the lines of, 'How long are you guys going to be? I'm too cool to be alone.' Zayn said and I laughed a little. "I told him to come, the little bitch." I protested and layed down on the bench. "Why didn't he?" "I don't know. He was on the phone to some girl asking her to come visit for a few days." I said with my eyes closed. "Really? A girl?" "Yeah. I think that's why Niall was pissed. Not that he should be, I mean 'Narry 4 lyf' but I didn't think he was that emotionally attached to him." "Yeah I don't think that's the reason." Zayn laughed and I opened my eyes. "Well what's your theory." I asked. He paused and put his phone down and layed down beside me, but so his feet were at my face. Nasty. "Well in my opinion, he probably only called her up to make you jealous..." "Me?" "Yeah." "What." "Well we all know Harry depends on you a lot. Maybe if he thought you were ignoring him or something he’d call her to make you pay more attention to him." I thought about it for a moment. I’d not done anything recently to upset him, except- oh wait. I may or may not have told him I was in no way interested in him other than as a friend. "I'm just saying... Why the hell else would he call up some girl he barely even knows. I mean that's not like him." Zayn sighed. "Well... actually now, it kind of is like him." "I hate that. I hate how he doesn't act like himself anymore. Why does he do that?" I asked. "I don't know. A few months before we met you, he was flat out depressed all the time. Never wanted to do gigs, showed up late for work, all of that shit. I mean when he actually got out and did stuff he enjoyed it, and he would never disappoint fans... but there was something serious going on." I just sighed and told Zayn we should probably get going. When we got back to the hotel I was practically dead from everything catching up on me. Harry was sitting in my room talking to Lou and when I came in and flopped face first onto the bed, he came and sat next to me. “How was your outing?” He asked. “Fantastic. Should of been there.” I groaned into my pillow. “Sorry I didn’t go. I was catching up with a friend.” “Who, exactly?” “...Just, an old friend. She’ll be coming over to visit for a couple of days.” He stuttered. “I’m not looking forward to it.” He chuckled and got off the bed. Lou was in the bathroom and I turned onto my back. “If you really want, I could tell her not to bother.” He asked, and I couldn’t tell if he was serious or just being that sarcastic little asshole that he is. “No, I’m sure we’ll get along.” I said, crinkling my eyes into a fake smile. Harry laughed and ruffled my hair before whispering goodnight and pulling the blankets over me. Just as I heard Harry exiting the door, I called out one last time. “Oh and Harry.” I yawned. “Yes?” He asked, smiling at the door. “Sleep well.” I mumbled, half asleep. “You too. Goodnight Rose.”
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