Who Are You, Really?

Harry Styles, world famous superstar- but that's exactly the problem. He loves what he does, the fans and the positive sides to who he is, but he's on the verge of his breaking point when it comes to dealing with the media and fake friends. He can't trust anyone. Anyone except one.


6. A Tad Too Close

"Have you finished the book for uni yet?"

"Uh… no."

What about that summary of film verses the screen write?”

"I haven’t started that…"



I sat on the chair on my balcony at 11:30 that night after the concert and chatted to Penny back home. 

"Don’t you feel bad for not starting any of the assignments?"
"Hell no."
"Fine… Okay tell me about something else. How was tonight?"
"Really fun. Of course the concert was the same as usual. I didn’t sit in the crowd and watch all of it this time… only the parts I like."
Wow you’re really living the life.” She laughed.
"You should drive up. Give me some girl company."
"I'm right thanks. I have a shit tonne to do here anyway, cleaning up all your mess.”
"Ha ha you’re so funny."
Penny chuckled and then let out a sigh.

Well have fun on your roadie tour you rebel.”
"Yeah I will bitch."
"Okay. Well keep me updated, I’ll ring you again soon."
"I’ll be home tomorrow!."
"I know. Anyway see ya!"
"See yaaaa."

It was later the same night after the concert and I was chilling in my hotel room googling the prices for the Doctor Who exhibition on my laptop.
Fucking hell they aren’t running things cheap over here in Cardiff. 80 bucks a ticket? Bloody hell.
It sprung me I should probably ask Harry if he wanted to come along tomorrow if he was free during the day. He hasn’t been watching the show for that long but he might get at least … three of the references at the exhibition. 

I walked down the hallway in my sweats and a ripped t-shirt, passing Liam with Niall in his room who were both playing some ps3 game. 
"Shit, pause the game for a second. Rose just walked past- Hold on." I heard Niall whisper and I rolled my eyes and stopped to turn around.

"Rose!" Niall smiled, swinging out of the door.
"What do you want smart ass?" I laughed and he giggled.
"Are you off to see Harry?"
"I was just popping round to ask him something yeah."
Niall smiled and clapped his hands together.
"What do you want?" I asked.
"Haha, nothing. Just. Uh… Could you ask him whether he brought the pack of Mars Bars with him from downstairs earlier. Liam and I want one." He spoke in a really thick Irish accent.
"Yeah whatever, I’ll ask him." 
"Thanks." He smiled and went back into the room.
"Idiot…" I laughed.

I walked a couple more metres up and leaned inside Harry’s doorframe. It was dark and I had no idea if he was even in there. 
"Knock, knock. Pedophile alert." I said, making myself known. I flicked on the main light and cringed at the sight of the floor which had papers crumpled everywhere with scribbles and shit all over them.
"Yeah I’m just over here." I heard Harry call out from the bedroom section and I walked over to him.
"What in the blazing flabbits are you doing? Why is there all this paper shit on the ground?"
"Sorry." He laughed and shut a brown leather book next to him- oh wait it’s just his man journal. "What did you want?" He asked and patted the space of the bed next to him, smiling.

I dived onto the sheets beside him and sat crossed legged. 
"Can I seeeee?" I asked looking at the closed journal.
"No." He smirked. “I literally told you this time yesterday ‘no’ so what makes you think I would change my mind now.”
"Well maybe you could have grown some kindness in your heart since then, but apparently not." I rolled my eyes and flicked his ear.
"Ow! Did you come in here just to inflict pain on me?"
"No. Actually I came to ask if you wanted to go with me to the Doctor Who Exhibition tomorrow so I’m not wandering about looking like a lonely asshole." 
"But you are one so what’s the difference?"
"Look, I don’t need your shit." I laughed and Harry smiled really wide.
"Yeah, I’ll go."

Harry stared at me blankly and then started shaking his head in shame.
"You’re such a nerd."
"Sorry I bring down your level of cool."
"Well you’re funny so it makes up for it." He laughed

I sat there smiling and playing with the sheets underneath my hands until I gave Harry a hair ruffle and jumped off the bed.
“Sure you don’t want to sleepover again?” He asked smiling, his face dimly lit by the bedroom lamp. 
"You were the one sleeping over you little puss."
Harry just smiled and placed the journal on the side table.
“I think we’ll be okay tonight.” I told him, but secretly I wanted to do it all over again. He nodded.
“Oh and also Niall wanted me to ask you if you brought the Mars Bars’ upstairs or not?”
“Mars Bars?”
“Yeah the Mars Bars.”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I didn’t even know we had any.” Harry shrugged.
“That little bitch.” I muttered and spun around, making my way back into the hallway. “Well I’ll be in Liam’s room if you need me.”

I went out of Harry’s room and jumped onto the couch next to Liam and Niall making Liam drop his controller over the side of the couch by the way my butt landed on the cushion. 

“Crap.” He shouted. “Quick Niall, defend yourself I’ve lost the remote.” He laughed and bent over me to try and get it off the floor.
“Jeez Rose, could you not disrupt our game with your ass just once?” Niall said without taking his eyes off the screen.
“Hey Liam.” I said, as he was rubbing his junk outrageously close to me trying to stretch over. 
“Yeah?” He asked with a tight voice, trying to close on the last few centimetres between his fingers and the remote.
“Remember how we talked about me feeling like a betrayer when you took your shirt off earlier?”
“Yeah haha.” 
“Well get your ding dong the hell away from me and get up and grab the remote like a normal person, not a human ape you scumbag.” I said and pushed him onto Niall.

Niall ended up dropping his remote as well but was too busy laughing at what I said to even care that they’d both died on the game.
“Christ.” I muttered, laughing. “Oh and Niall, Harry didn’t have a clue what you were talking about with the Mars Bars so fuck you very much.” 
Niall started laughing.
“Yeah there was never any to begin with I just wanted to double check if you were going to his room or not.”
Liam grabbed the controller off the floor and put it on the coffee table, putting his feet up after sitting back down beside me. 
“We didn’t really expect you back here at all to be honest.” He told me as he took a sip of some energy drink next to him. 
“Yeah haha we thought maybe you’d be going for round two.” Niall said and I punched him on the shoulder.
“Don’t be an ass. I just sat there all night being forced to listen to his indie music so don’t be jealous.”
“Rough.” He laughed.
My phone started ringing as soon as Niall and Liam started up a new round of Call of Duty and I answered it knowing it would be Luke on the line.

“Hey.” I answered.
“What, no ‘hey babe?’” Luke asked laughing.
“Who is it?” Liam asked and I flipped both of them off because they knew exactly who it was.
“Uh how are you?” I asked, covering the mouth piece to my phone. The boys liked shouting things out while I was on the phone to Luke, for example ‘Come back to bed Rose.’
“I’m great, just calling to hear your voice beautiful.” 

I could tell Luke was at least 62% uncomfortable with me coming up to stay with the boys this week, but he made it out as if he was okay with it because I think he still felt guilty for all the times he’s had to call off something because of work.
He and Penny were the only two I’d told I was actually staying with the boys. I didn’t really want to tell Luke but that would just be plain wrong so I grew some balls and told him. “Is Harry with you right now?” He asked through the phone. “Hello…. Rose?”

“Sorry. I blanked out for a second there. Why do you just assume I’m with Harry?” I almost accused him and although Niall and Liam didn’t directly turn to face me, they definitely tuned into the conversation from then on.

“Because you’re with him the most and excuse me for being a tad worried my girlfriend is bunking with some hot GUY celebrity.”
“You think he’s hot?” I laughed. I could tell he was trying to stay serious to prove a point but even Luke cracked up after a couple of seconds.
“Shut up. It’s the hair okay? He’s got really good hair.” 
“Luke I’m gonna ask you something I ask these boys everyday… Are you sure you aren’t gay?” I laughed and Luke cracked up from the end of the line. Liam and Niall just gave me the death stare.
“Anyway what are you up too?” I asked smiling. I’d really forgotten how much I missed him. 
“Literally nothing.” He chuckled. “Lying on the couch trying to map out some marketing campaign for our next product.”
“You sound tired.”
“So do you.”
“Yeah that’s because last night I had to stay up and“ I caught myself before having to explain that I was up all night with Harry the night before.
“Stay up and what?” Luke asked.
I looked anxiously over at Liam and Niall and whispered to them as I flapped my hands trying to get them to feed me a cover story. They started miming possible reasons I was up late the night before.

Niall was making drinking gestures which just looked like he was jerking off an invisible dick. Liam was doing who knows what, but it involved lying on the floor vertically and shaking. Then Niall started to point back from me to him.

“Well I was out with Niall…” I told him and Niall gave me the thumbs up.
“Oh yeah?” Luke asked “What were you guys doing?”
Niall froze for a second trying to think of something and quickly started to ballroom dance around the room on his own. 
“We were… we were ballroom dancing!” I said and Niall slapped his forehead.
“Why the hell were you ballroom dancing?” Luke asked.

“Uh let me think. Why were we ballroom dancing?” I emphasised to Niall.
Liam stood up and pointed back and forth to Niall and I, making a love heart with his hands and I flipped him off. 

“Because I have no friends!” Niall whispered viscously to me. I almost burst out laughing, I never thought I’d hear Niall say that.
“Well, I went with Niall to some charity event to raise money for sick kids…” I said and I heard Liam say ‘Oh my God’ in the background.
“And he had no friends and didn’t want to go alone. It was nothing. Really boring.”
At this point Niall and Liam were both laughing. I turned away from them. 
“Well then I guess that’s pretty cool. I just stayed up late with a friend in his apartment last night and now I’m tired as hell.” 

My jaw dropped. Fucking hell lying is a bitch. 

“Shit.” I heard one of the boys say behind me. I heard a crash as one of the empty beer bottles Niall had beside him before dropped to the ground. 
"Yeah Liam he’s walking now- tell her."
"She’s on the phone!" Liam whispered. What the hell are they going on about about.

“Alright well I’ll let you get to sleep.” I said to Luke.
"Rose…  Rose.” I heard Liam hissing from behind me. 
“Shhhhh!” I flapped my hand behind my back at them.

“Okay lovely, I’ll be thinking of you. I’ll probably call you tomorrow or the day after. Stay sensible…” Luke said and I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Rose, Harry’s coming." Niall said as he shoved Liam out of the way.
"What!" I said quite loud. Harry didn’t like Luke. Not one tiny bit. I don’t think for any particular reason, but in any case I never mentioned Luke around him as it seemed to always make him quite upset.

"What did you say?’" Luke asked. As I looked up at the door Harry walked in with his phone in one hand.
"I gotta go. Liam’s calling me." I avoided his name.
"Alright then… Goodnight Rose, I love you."
"Yeah, goodnight!" I said suddenly nervous and hung up the phone.

"Your mum?" Harry asked.
"Yeah." I smiled at him and sat back down on the couch. Liam gave me a look. 


I jumped on twitter later that night in my room just to give me something to do.


I went and stalked Harry’s profile. I couldn’t help but laugh at all of his stupid tweets. 

"@Harry_Styles: I sneezed today and wiped it on someone’s arm accidentally before I cleaned it."
OH MY GOD. I tweeted him even though he couldn’t see my tweets in his notifications.


"@RoseWilliams: @Harry_Styles are you excited for tomorrow >:)"

"@RoseWilliams: @Harry_Styles If you see this. I’ll pay for the tickets tomorrow. 

"@RoseWilliams: @Harry_Styles you’re not even indie what’s your problem.

"@RoseWilliams: @Harry_Styles goodnight. YOU’RE DRIVING TOMORROW.

After that, I can’t remember exactly when, I fell asleep on my bed with the laptop still on.
"CHANGE- CHANGE YOUR LIFE. TAKE IT ALLLLLLL" My phone rang, waking me up from my sleep in the morning.
Fucking hell I’m so tired.
I stretched over to grab my phone off the charger, almost falling off the bed in the process. 

"HELLOOO." I answered with a yawn.

"About time you answered thank god. I’ve rung you four times already." I heard Harry’s voice on the other end of the line.
"Well good morning to you as well, sunshine." I said and changed the call to speaker mode.
"When do you want to leave today? I know it’s in Cardiff but it’s still a bit of a drive."
"I guess if you put it that way."
"Hold on come to my room please we have to work out like who’s driving, aka you, and all that stuff."

Harry laughed. 
"Well then open your door." He said and I looked across the room to the hotel door.
"Wow you’re such a creeper." I laughed and jumped up to open the door. I hung my phone up.
I opened the door to reveal Harry dressed in a white t-shirt and tight black skinny jeans while I was standing in my sweats.
"I was hoping you’d be ready by now but obviously it was false hope." He smiled. 

"Shut up."I said and went to my room to get changed. I put on a brown tribal pattern shirt with black shorts and tied my hair into a ponytail. 
I flushed on some light makeup and as I was tying up my black boots I watched Harry lie on the couch looking up at the ceiling.

“So. You paying for our tickets today?” He asked, sitting up smiling.
“When did I say that you douche.”
“You tweeted me last night saying you would.”
“How the hell did you see those tweets, I swear to god the chances of that are one in a million.”

“I have your tweets in the filtered section on my interactions. I see all the tweets you send me.” He said and got off from the couch. Well shit.
I grabbed my car keys and the map book I used to drive up here.
“Come on let’s go.” I told him and we walked out into the hotel corridor where Louis was talking to a manager outside his room.
“Oi! Where are you two sneaking off too now?” Louis asked and jogged down the hallway towards us.
“We’re going to the Doctor Who Exhibition!” I smiled actually getting really excited.
“The what?” Louis sassed me. “I thought you were cool for a minute there.” He laughed. “And since when do you watch it?” He eyeballed Harry.
“I catch up on it every now and again.” 
“Come on Harry. Can we please gooooo.” I said tugging on his arm. 
“Haha alright mate, I’ll see you later.” Louis laughed at Harry as he tried to look cool while I was leeching off his arm.
Then we walked on down to the elevators.

“Okay where are we turning up at these lights?” Harry asked. 

He had his ray ban sunglasses on and the best part was I convinced him to drive my little car. Don’t get me wrong my car’s heaps cute but it is totally at the other end from Harry’s Land Rover. 

“Shit!” I said as I dropped the map book as I was flicking through the pages. “Quick drive really slow and stall time while I pick up the directions!” I said laughing as my butt was up in the air and my head was under the car seat. 
Harry was grinning really wide.
“Do you want me to just pull over?” He asked laughing. 
“No! Don’t pull over, it’ll be way too suspicious.” I hissed as I grabbed the book. 
“I’m just going to go left- Woah.” He said and started laughing.
“What?” I asked.
“You’re face is so red from being up side down. Can I take a photo of you?” 
“Are you kidding me, you’re driving!”
“Fine. Just use my phone for the directions.” He said and pulled his phone out of his ass pocket as he drove with the other hand on the steering wheel. “Here.” He said and passed it to me. 
“Fucking hell.” I laughed and put my sunglasses onto of my head so I could see his screen. “What’s the passcode?” I asked.
“Alright I’m in.” I said like a spy and typed the directions into Maps. We were way off from where we were supposed to be.
“Hmm okay, I’m too lazy to direct you. I’m just gonna put the anal robot lady on.” 
Harry just laughed and shook his head while looking in the rearview mirror trying to overtake another car. 
“Do you ever wonder how many notifications you’d get on your phone if you didn’t have twitter set specially so fans tweets don’t come through?” 
“…Are you on my twitter?” He asked glancing over at me. 
“Oh my God not again. Don’t make me look like a weirdo this time.” He said putting on the blinkers and taking a right at the intersection. 
“I don’t need too, you do it all on your own.” I laughed and scrolled through his mentions.
“Can I answer some fans questions? I’ll pretend to be you for real this time man. Come on.”
“I’d say no but I know you’ll do it anyway so go ahead.”

@BeccaHoran96: @Harry_Styles its my birthday today can i get a tweet??????
@Harry_Styles: @BeccaHoran96 Happy Birthday love. Stay safe xx

@LarryIsReal54: @Harry_Styles say that you love Croatia bc we love u!!!!
@Harry_Styles: Much love Croatia! X

@wxnderstyles: @Harry_Styles  sei un coglione???? <3 <3
@Harry_Styles: @wxnderstyles I have no idea what you tweeted me, but I love you too x

@flownhaz: @Harry_Styles I wanna know what goes through your head when you tweet.
@Harry_Styles: @flownhaz Me too. 

“Wow I’ve answered four questions I think that’s enough. I see why you don’t do tweet sprees much.” I said and locked Harry’s phone and put it in the cup holder in the middle of the car. 
I looked up and he was smiling really hard facing the road with both hands on the wheel. 
“What?” I asked.
“Nothing.” He grinned. 

“Welcome to The Doctor Who Exhibition, how many tickets can I get you?” A nice man asked us from behind the desk. 
“Two please.” I said opening my purse.
“No don’t. I’ll pay.” Harry insisted shoving me away from the cashier.
“Excuse me you were the one who said ‘you tweeted it, you pay it, bitch.” 
“I was joking.”
"Don’t make me look like a leecher.”
“Fine whatever, but I’m at least paying for myself.” He said and dug out his wallet.
“Okay. But hurry up.” I said and punched him in the shoulder. 
“There you go.” Harry said to the man and passed him some cash. 
“Thanks sir. Actually sorry if it’s unprofessional of me to say, but can I have a picture? My daughters a huge fan.”
“Absolutely.” Harry smiled and the man came from around the bench.
“Take a pic of us yeah?” Harry said to me and threw me the guys phone. NOT SAFE. I scowled at him and opened up the Camera app.

“…Yeah! All done.” I smiled and handed the man his camera. 
“Thanks so much. It means a lot.” 
“No worries mate.”

The guy shuffled back behind the register and I asked him for another ticket for myself. 

“Actually he paid enough for the both of you.” He said and nodded towards Harry. I turned around to see Harry smiling like the little bitch that he is.
“Great.” I sighed and turned around.
“Actually mate could we grab two of those beanie things over there?” Harry said pointing to two TARDIS beanies on the wall behind the guy.
“Yeah man. For you it’s on the house.” The worker smiled and handed them over.
“Thanks so much, have a great day.” 
“Yeah you too, enjoy the exhibition!” 

I punched Harry in the arm but he just laughed and put one of the beanies on my head so far down it went over my eyes. As I was trying to re adjust it onto my head, he took a picture of me and later uploaded it to twitter saying “Her head is definitely bigger on the inside.” 
But rest assured I made him pose for hundreds of selfies I took of us wearing the matching beanies. (As seen here)

I’m not going to explain the whole day but I’ll fast forward through the best bits.
“Hey! Harry come over here, I found a character from the 70’s that looks just like you!” I said as I stood in front a replica of a monster used in the show. It was like a giant red pimple thing with goo oozing out of its mouth. Harry was over reading about the history of the show on some plaque when he turned around and came over.
“Oh fuck off.” He laughed and walked away.


“Man that is a baaad wax model of Matt Smith.” Harry cringed as he walked around the figure of Matt standing in the middle of the room.
“Wow he looks like your ass on a bad day.”
“What does my ass look like on a good day then?” 
“Hot, man.”


“Go stand in front of the TARDIS! Don’t be a baby.” I said and shoved Harry outside the front of a life sized model TARDIS. 
“I wanna take a picture so I can blackmail you when you call me a nerd again.” 
“Oh shutup.” He laughed and positioned himself, making weird poses.
“Excuse me.” A woman wearing a staff neckchain said, tapping me on the back.

 I knew I shouldn’t have let Harry try and touch that exhibition behind the ropes back there. They probably scanned his fingerprints and want to arrest us.
She walked towards Harry.

“I’m the manager of this place and I was just wondering if we could take a photo of you here and upload it later. It would be great to show celebrities having an interest in the show.” 
She shook his hand and he gladly agreed. Stupid managers messing up my blackmail photos…
Even though he posed like faggot for me two minutes ago, he now stood nicely with a big smile on his face and a thumbs up, in front of the TARDIS for the manager.

“Thanks so much, that’s great. You two enjoy the rest of your time here.” She smiled at me and walked off.
“Yeah thanks I will…. bitch.”


“Well look who it is, Rose Williams next to Rose Tyler.” Harry teased as I uncoincidentally stood next to a photo of Rose which was printed on the wall. 
“Don’t even think about it.”
“I need to take a picture of this come on. This is why we’re here aren’t we? To look around and take pictures.” 

He had a point, so I stood there while he took a picture of me smiling like a kid in a candy store.
“The funny thing is, even though you have the name Rose, you look almost identical to the girl who plays Clara.”
“Oh shut up you ass.”
“Seriously you’ve got the same face and everything. Go stand next to her, I need to show the boys this. You look identical.”
And so I stood next to her, gazing up at the wall poster of Clara Oswald as Harry took the photo.


We were on set of the TARDIS as the last part of the exhibition and Harry was walking around flicking buttons and having a tad too much fun pulling the switches. 
I was secretly filming him looking intensely at all the little inscriptions on the console that explained what the buttons did. 

“Hey doctor douche.” I said and he looked up immediately. 
“Hiiiii!” He waved at the camera. 
“Are you having fun there?”
“Yeah look at the details on this, It’s incredible.” He smiled. “And what about you, are you the companion?”
"No they’re all too pretty to live up too."
He just rolled his eyes at me, smiling with dimples in his cheeks.
I stared at him as he smiled. Then I told him to shove off and the video ended with him laughing as I walked away.
 I uploaded it to instagram later.


When we ended up leaving, it took ages and security from the venue had to clear a way to my car because fans in Cardiff came after they saw our many social media uploads. I almost got swallowed by the crowd, it was fucking intense. There wasn’t even that many people there but they were all really hyper active. I was mostly worried about someone trying to shit on my car. 

“Harry, I’m being absorbed.” I laughed to him as the space the guards were holding off grew smaller and smaller.
Harry just rolled his eyes with a smile and grabbed my wrist and tugged me in front of him.
“Do you have the keys?” I asked.
“Keys…..” He said and slapped his pockets. “Yeah.” 
“Then let’s gooooo.” I said and jumped into the drivers seat. Harry gave a wave to the fans before jumping in the passenger side and carefully we backed out onto our way back home.
“That was really fun.” Harry said staring out the window as I put my glasses on once we were a couple streets down.
“I know, it really was good the way they did it.” 
“I’m glad you asked me to- Oh wow, I didn’t know you wore glasses!” Harry smiled.
“Don’t say anything.” I moaned and used my left hand to cover the side view of my face.
“Come on don’t be ridiculous.” He said and moved my hand away. “You still look beautiful.”
I stayed silent but couldn’t help but smile. 


We’d stopped at an ice cream store on the way home because why the hell not and also partially because I was a mean bitch and didn’t want to drive the whole way back.
We were sitting on a metal bench facing some pond after we’d finished our ice creams.

"You know, today was the first time I had a lot of fun in a long while." Harry said looking forward as I came back from putting our rubbish in the bin. 
"Shut up. You go to parties and shit all the time. I stalk down the pictures, don’t lie." I laughed.
"None of those parties and stuff mean anything, I just go cause I get bored." He smiled.

"Oh for god sakes." I said looking at the Doctor Who Exhibition twitter. I showed Harry the tweet with the attached photo the manager took of him earlier.
"So lovely to see @Harry_Styles and his girlfriend come to our Exhibition in Cardiff! Thanks for coming guys."

"Do you know how much shit that’ll stir in the fandom?" I sighed. 
"I just hope for your sake your boyfriend doesn’t see that. And for my sake… I guess I’ll be expecting a call later tonight from management." He sighed.
"Why, you’re not in trouble right?"
"They’ll probably have a go at me for not telling them I’m dating someone before I can even get a chance at speaking."
"That’s ridiculous." I said. 
"You said it." He said and took another bite of his ice cream which made me feel completely uncomfortable because he full bites it and ISN’T THAT SHIT SENSITIVE TO YOUR TEETH?

We sat there and I sighed as I swung my legs onto Harry’s lap.
"Are you right?" He asked making a stink face even though my feet smelt fine thank you very much. 
"You can rub them if you really want too."
"Honestly, no thanks."
"I don’t want today to end I’m having too much fun." I said and moved my feet off him and lent my head on his shoulder.
"Would you normally have this much fun with Luke?" He smirked. 
"Well actually no."
Harry looked down at me.
"We don’t do fun things like this. I mean we used too, but now it’s just him and work, work, work. We only go out for dinner, really now."
"Well that’s kind of shitty." Harry mumbled.
"Yeah it is shitty." I laughed.
"I mean a relationship is about friendship as well and with Luke we just never get the time. I can truthfully say I've had more fun with you today than I’ve had at all with Luke in the past couple of years. That’s saying something."

Harry had seemingly gotten a lot closer beside me, but it could have just been he was leaning over in surprise.
"Well if that’s saying something, what are you trying to say." Harry asked in a slow voice.

I couldn't help but feel flutters in my stomach from Harry staring at me. I couldn’t seem to focus my eyes on his face.
His breath was enough to make me go dizzy. He moved his face so close to mine that I could only see the hair framing his face. His hand that was resting on the top of the bench moved to touch the bottom of my chin and he slowly tilted my face closer. He leaned down until the tips of our noses were barely touching. 

"Harry…" I said breathless and pushed his face back gently.
“What’s wrong?” He asked. 
“We shouldn’t….” I trailed. “It’s just…” 
I can’t say I want to… even though right now I really fucking want to. 
“I don’t like you like that Harry.” But he knew it was a lie just as much as I knew it was a lie.
“Oh really?” Harry smirked, still muttering with his face close to mine. 
“It’s not fair to Luke.” I said and stood up from the bench.
“Well that’s okay with me.” He smiled and turned to face the other direction. “I can wait for you.” 


The car ride home was awkward but Harry smiled the whole way back as he drove. I had a million things running through my head. I’d never really felt anything romantic towards Harry up until right now, and I wondered for him if it was the same case. I tried to think of Luke and all the reasons why Harry and I together couldn’t work, but each time I tried, it made me like Harry more and Luke much less. 

“Well, well, well… look who’s back.” Louis said coming into my room as I was mid way through packing my bags. Tomorrow was their last Cardiff show and then they were moving to the next arena. 
“What happened today, and don’t say nothing because Harry won’t stop smiling and whenever I try and tell him about how some fag band on twitter has been bagging the shit out of us today, he just goes all dough eyed. It’s freaking the hell out of me.” 

“Nothing happened, we just had a good day out.”
“Don’t spat me that crap.”
“I’m not lying.”
"Oh come on. I know somethings going on between you guys. I just need to know whether I should print the shirts yet or not." He laughed. I shot him the death glare.
“Okay then… I’ll put the order on hold.” He joked and ate some crisps I had open on the bench. 

“No but seriously.” Louis said shoving chips into his mouth as he came down to sit beside me. “Are you gonna come back on tour with us again? I hate to admit this you do bring some humour with you. And I don’t need Harry showing up drunk again to every rehearsal.”
"Excuse me?"
"What’s wrong?" He asked like I said something offensive.
"Drunk?" I asked, suddenly feeling guilty.
"Harry’s not in good shape Rose. Well I guess you don’t see it. Usually a few days after you leave he goes back to being grumpy as usual. It’s not as bad as before but it’s still not great."
"I didn’t know it was that bad."

“Well I’ll try. I don’t know it depends, there’s only so much time I can take off university. I’m thinking about transferring to online courses if you guys want me to travel more.”
“Yeah, do that.” He said and got up, dusting his hands off. “Well I have some shitty meeting to go to so you’ll be left alone here for an hour and a half.”
“I’ll just go and play with Lux. I love that little tub of lard.” 
He laughed and walked to the door. “See you later then love.” 
“Bye!” I said and turned to change to song on my laptop that was playing. I glanced out the window of the hotel room and looked at the night sky and the shining city below. 
My phone vibrated in my pocket as someone tried to ring me. It was Luke obviously.

So, I brought the screen into view, and pressed decline.

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