Who Are You, Really?

Harry Styles, world famous superstar- but that's exactly the problem. He loves what he does, the fans and the positive sides to who he is, but he's on the verge of his breaking point when it comes to dealing with the media and fake friends. He can't trust anyone. Anyone except one.


4. A Reunion

Hey! When are you getting here?
SOOOOOON!!!! I don’t have expensive Mercedes Benz to speed me to hotels like some people.
I have a Land Rover.
Well then. Fuck 

It had been around two months since that first concert I went to in Manchester.
Can you hurry up, I’m bored and Liam’s just left me.
I’ll probably crash from texting while driving you know. I can see those headlines:
‘Harry Styles kills 19 year old university student concerning a text about boredness.’
I texted him back and threw my phone in the back seat.
Just give me 30 minutes! I’ll be there ASAP!

I hadn’t seen any of the boys recently. We’d all gotten pretty close; I was kind of like their groupie. I did my research on all of them, and had fan and update accounts’ tweets sent to my phone to see what I’m supposed to be up to date with. I’d spent my fair share of time with all of them. Of course, Harry was still the closest with me, but other than that it was split pretty equally. 
I went to their last show in Manchester back when we first met, the two shows they did in London and then I took a break. NOW I’m driving all the way to bloody Cardiff which is four hours away so I can be with them before they leave for America. I’d arranged this week so that I could submit my courses online. 
…I also had to tell Luke I was visiting my cousin for the week because I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t approve of the idea of me staying with 5 boys in a hotel.
But I did what any normal person would do on a lonely road trip, I put ‘Booty Man’ on repeat and rocked out to it every time. The windows were rolled down, the volume was up, and everyone else who was fortunate enough to be driving down the freeway at the same time as me got to witness my fantastic singing show. Lucky it was 5pm and the darkness was covering most of my double chin.
I did speed a little to get there… but then again I did take a McDonalds stop. And after that I got a bit lost trying to find the hotel. Turns out it was the tallest skyscraper in the city. See they never tell me the obvious things to look for, Zayn told me to look for the hotel which has a shabby paint job and a chubby valet parker.
But there I was eventually, standing outside the ‘The Parc.’ Yes, too fancy to spell their own name correctly.

“I’m hereeeeeee!” I sang into my phone.
“Oh gosh, who invited you?” Liam said on the other side of the line.
“Shut your pie hole mate, I’m about to liven up the party.” 
I heard some muttering through Liam’s end of the call and I watched as expensive cars strolled in and out of the driveways.
“Yeah, so where are you exactly?” Liam asked. 
“Hi Rose!” Niall shouted suddenly through the phone. “Are you downstairs? I’ll come and get ya.” Obviously I was on speaker god dammit. 
“Yeah, I’ll go with you Niall.” Harry said, mumbling.
“Just let security get her, we can send Paul.” Liam offered. Wow, bitch alert.
“That is not how you welcome someone to a hotel Liam, where are your manners?” Louis asked sarcastically.
“What, you’re gonna go down as well?”
“Hell no. I am not moving off this couch just to go down and get her bags. Oh and hi Rose.”
“Hey asshole.” I laughed.
“Don’t worry, we’ll be down in a minute…” Niall said. “Where did Harry go? Bloody hell.” He asked not talking into the phone. 

I pushed past a group of about 30 girls in the lobby waiting for their chance when one of the boys would come downstairs and take photos with them. None of them had the slightest idea who I was and I was never so thankful. I was dead tired, my hair was in a ponytail, I had bug sunglasses on and grey track pants to complete the homeless look.

Noone had caught on much about me at all really. Of course already I’d had dating rumors with all of the boys, stalker rumors that I follow them around everywhere, and even rumors that I’m the newest recruitment to their management. It didn’t seem like anyone could believe the fact I’m just really good friends with them. Actually some of the update accounts on twitter were bit creepy. They always tweeted the odd picture of me with the guys and tweeted whatever information they had on me. But the hate I got online was out of this world. It made me laugh more than anything. I read through it when I get bored just to brighten up my day. Really, some people are very creative with their insults, and I reply to them sometimes just to make that person look like a douche. The only problem with replying is that… the guys end up seeing it, and then it’s not so funny. They don’t like that people won’t leave me alone and especially Harry complains about it a lot.

“Look I’m leaving now, just give us a wave when we get there.”
“Sure. I’m the one that looks like she’s rocked up from the hotel dumpsters. I’ll be at the check-in desk. See you soon!”

I waltzed over to the reception and folded my arms on the tall desk. A woman with a sharp nose and straight hair, sleeked back into a bun looked up at me from underneath her glasses. She gave me a once-over and almost rolled her eyes. Well I look like a slob, I don’t even blame her.
“Welcome. May I help you?” She smiled.
“Yeah hi. I, uh have a room on the floor with One Direction. I was wondering if I could check in?” I asked politely.
She laughed quietly and put her pen down. 
“Yes, well you can join the queue over there and I’ll book you in as soon as possible.” She said and pointed over to the group of girls. 
“Oh, ha ha, I actually am with the band though. Can I please have my room key.”
“Yes, well I’ll need to see some ID to see if your name’s on their list.” She asked.
I dug out my shitty ass drivers license and gave it to her. She glanced at it and searched for my name on the list.
“It’s just there.” I said and pointed towards the bottom of the page.
“Right. Of course.” She smiled. I think she hates me. “Sorry for the inconvenience. Your security has all the room keys.” 
My security. I like the sound of that. Wish it were true.

Paul was down in the lobby behind a wall where the elevators were. He was out of the fans sight, and was standing with a few other men dressed in black. They all had about three walkie-talkies each and were talking with their arms folded.
I wormed my way into their conversation and Paul gave me a smile.
“Hey Paul, how’ve you been.” I asked, giving him a little nudgey-nudgey. “How’s the wife?”
“Yeah, she’s good. Little one’s good. Good to see you again, you always manage get the five of them outta my hair while you’re here.” 
“Yeah, well it’s no better when they’re with me- if anything they’re up to more bullshit.” I laughed. “God I can’t imagine the pain of being stuck with these five demons for over a year.”
He laughed and muttered something into his walkie-talkie. 

“Well I managed to get through it on their last tour, so here’s to hoping I make it through this one. Also I have your room key here.”
I thanked him and took it from his hand. 
“So, how much am I forking out for this place, this railing looks like it’s worth more than my apartment.” I asked, with my hand on the golden railing which situated on either side of the stairs. 
“You think this is grand, you just wait till we rock up in Los Angeles or Japan. Some of the shit over there is way over the top.” 
I laughed and knew that this would be the only top class hotel I would ever set foot in.
“Oh and, the room is on us. The management team has paid for everything.” 
“Wow, way to make me feel like a jackass, leaching off a first class boy-band.” I moaned.
“Trust me.” Harry chimed in out of nowhere. “The rooms probably worth more than you’d earn in your entire life.”
I jumped and turned around. “You scared the shit out of me.” I laughed and he kissed me on the cheek and dug his head into my neck as he gave me a hug. 

“How are you? You look tired, you should have driven with us like we offered.”
“You know I had to stay till the end of the week for university. I don’t know if you recall, but normal people have to get real jobs.”
“I have a real job.” He laughed, but even he knew he was bullshitting.
He bent down to pick up one of my bags and swung it over his shoulder. I yawned loudly and he placed two fingers from each of his hands on top of my eyelids.

“Does that feel nice?” He asked as my eyes were forced closed.
“What the hell are you doing?” I asked. “I don’t know whether to feel violated or concerned for your mental wellbeing.” 
“Ew your I can feel your eyeballs wiggling underneath your eyelids.” He laughed.
I moved them around vigorously after that just to freak him out.
“I heard placing cold things on your eyes helps to wake people up.” He said and removed his hands. 
“Well that sounds like the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard.” I laughed. “And you’re hands aren’t even cold… But they do smell surprisingly a lot like Frangipanis.”
“Mhhmm.” He smiled and gave a proud head nod. “It’s a new hand cream I’ve been using.”
I was about to point out how much of an old grandma he was becoming when Niall appeared out of the blue.
“Jeez mate, thanks for waiting.” He shook Harry’s shoulder. 

Harry laughed and flicked Niall’s snapback so it spun out of place. Niall took it off and shook his hair before putting it back on. 
Then he held out his arms. 
“Come here then.” 
I gave him a hug and chucked him my other luggage bag.
“Here peasant.” I laughed and swung my handbag over my shoulder. “Careful it’s heavy.” 
“Bloody hell, what have you got in here?”
“Just dead bodies.” 
Niall swung his head around and stared at me.
“Well. No bodies in this one, it’s not even that heavy.” Harry said and shook the bag he was holding.
“Yeah that’s where I put the babies.” I whispered. 
“You are so messed up.”

Harry began walking back into the elevator and I trailed in behind Niall. I stood beside Harry, and Paul clicked one of the very top levels for us to go to. No one talked and what was even better was that What Makes You Beautiful was on as elevator music and I swear to god, I tried so hard not to laugh I thought I was going to piss myself. 
It just seemed ironic the biggest boy band in the world who was currently on a world tour had music playing in elevators. 
I could see Harry smiling out of the corner of my eye but he shook his head trying not to laugh. 

I started to hum it, slowly inching my dance moves closer towards him. Niall wasn’t even paying attention. 
When it came to Harry’s solo I managed to mumble the first line of it in a creepy man voice before Paul swung around thinking someone had broken into the elevator and Harry burst out laughing. He covered his massive smile with his hand and looked away, hiding his laugh.
Then the doors swung open, and with another few complaints from Niall on my heavy body bags, (I mean luggage …..Possibly) we made our way in front of a door in the corridor and Paul handed me a key card.

“It’s all yours.” He said and walked back towards the elevator. “Yeah I’m heading back down now….” he mumbled into his walkie talkie.
Harry knocked twice on a door two down from mine and said “Rose is here everyone, come and say hello.”
I think I heard groans…
“Well.” Niall said.
I smiled at him all excited. This was a good moment for me, I freaking love hotels. I pressed my hand reflectively against the door and felt it be one with me-
“Can you just open the darn door.” Niall moaned. 
Yes I fucking can you life ruiner.

I swiped the card and walked into a massive room. Holy shit it hurt my eyes to look at. I mean, even the bloody fruit bowl looked like it was worth a hundred bucks. Wow someone pinch me because this is un-fucking believable.
“OW!” I jumped. 
“You told me to pinch you!” Niall said and dropped my bag on the floor. 
“I didn’t think I said it out loud god dammit.” I moaned and rubbed my arm.
“Yeah well have fun, you and Harry can bless the room if you want.” He laughed and raised his eyebrows up and down. 
“Get out of here you filthy animal.” Harry said slowly and put my other bag on the floor. I plopped onto the couch and let out a sigh. 
“Well, I think I’m going to sleep for the rest of the year… what’s the time?”
“Only seven? Gosh darn it that is not okay. What about you, do you have anything on for the rest of this evening?” 
“No, we have until tomorrow 12pm off. So that means you cannot fall asleep on me.”
“Eughhhh.” I moaned and shut my eyes. 
“Rose!” Harry said and shook my arms up in the air.
“Alright, alright man… don’t get aggressive. WAIT, hold up does that mean I get to go in the arena while you set up and all that?”
“Yeah, if you come.”
“Holy shit, count me in. I’m so going to run naked through the arena while no ones there, and then a couple hours later no one will know the wiser…”
“Oh God.” He mumbled and let out a smile. “I never realise how much I miss your crappy jokes until you get here, and then I wonder how I manage to live weeks on end without it.” 
“Aw. I almost thought that was cute, right up until the point where you said something about me not being funny.”
“You know I’m only joking.” Harry smirked from across the room. I stood there with folded arms, and it was the first time since I’d arrived, I’d taken a proper look at him. His hair was at that point of the day where it was getting a little raggedy and his legs stood awkwardly apart. Sort of like, late afternoon hotness syndrome.
“Stop staring at me and come say hello to everyone.” He laughed.

Just as he said that, Liam zipped through the door, knocking on the doorframe but continuing to walk in regardless. 
“Hey, hey!” He smiled.
“Liam! Look at you, you big bad ass.” I laughed as I examined his black leather jacket he had on. It was fake leather- not so much of a bad ass after all.
“Missed me?” He asked.
“I’m just kidding of course I did. How can I bear being apart you and your stubble hair.” I said and ruffled what little there was. He laughed and he and Harry helped move my bags to my bedroom. 

“HELLO EVERYONE!” I shouted as I ran in to one of the boys room with my arms out.
“Here she is. The lady of the hour!” Louis laughed. He and Zayn gave me a kiss on the cheek and they all lectured me on how slow I drive. Niall came in, and Harry was already comfortable on the couch. 
They’d only been here a little earlier since I arrived and yet the room had mess everywhere. 
“Animals.” I muttered as I placed a magazine back on the coffee table from the floor. 
“You can’t speak. I’ve seen things in your apartment that should never see the light of day.”
I eyeballed Harry, but broke out with a laugh.
I smiled and sprawled my whole body over one couch. 
Take me right here and now.

“OK. What are we gonna do. Anything involving blood stains, ball gowns and trashing the hotel rooms?”
They glanced over at me like I was mentally retarded until Zayn finally raised an eyebrow and got what I meant. 
“I don’t know. Whatever I guess.”
“Fantastic idea, you’re a real Einstein Niall.” I rolled my eyes and picked up the magazine I had put on the coffee table. 
Oh what a great day this is. Front cover: ONE DIRECTION POP QUIZ!! Are you a directioner? Or a DirectionATER!!
I laughed wildly and dug my devil face onto page 26. There was about fifteen questions… and I don’t think I knew any of them. Well maybe one or two… Only the easy ones.

“Okay bandmates.” I said. “I’m gonna give you this quiz, and you better ace it or I give up on all of you.” 
None of them were really paying attention. Zayn, Louis and Niall were watching whatever was on T.V. Liam was on his phone and Harry was fiddling with the watch on his wrist. 
“Ahem. QUESTION ONE. Who is the eldest member of One Direction?” I asked in my XFactor voice. 
I think maybe Niall shrugged as if he might of heard me.
“Excuse me assholes, I said ‘Who is the eldest member of 1D?” 
“Me, why?” Louis asked, turning down the volume on the television. 
“Good, you’re absolutely correct, you win 25 points.”
“Wait, what are we doing?” Zayn asked.
“Pop quiz on y’all.” I said wiggling my eyebrows.
Harry smirked and shook his head side to side. What you have a better idea faggot.
“QUESTION TWO: What are One Direction’s middle names?” I asked. “Well I know yours is Edward and yours is James.” I said pointing to Liam and Harry.
“William.” Louis said.
“I don’t really use it, but Jawaad.” 
“James.” Niall smiled.
“Wait, mindfuck, you both have James as your middle name? Well shit, now I feel like a bad person for knowing Liam’s and not yours…. Anyway point’s to all of you. NEXT QUESTION!”

I searched the list for an interesting one.
“Okay, Harry Styles is known for his purple Jack Wills hoodie, but who now owns it?”
They all fell quiet on this one. Harry was thinking but the others had no clue.
“You haven’t worn that old thing in ages.” Liam said.
“Yeah I know… does it have multiple choice on there?” Harry asked. 
“Hmm… Uh yeah, it says 1. Louis Tomlinson, 2. Andy Samuels or 3. Stanley Lucas.”

Louis popped his head straight up. 
“Well, you definitely didn’t give it to me. Or if you tried to I wouldn’t of taken it.”
“Well it must of been Stanley then because I would not have given it to Andy…”
“Hey! What’s wrong with Andy?” Liam asked.
“…His hair is like a lion.” Harry muttered. Niall and Zayn laughed and agreed.

The next hour passed within moments. The game got really intense, and eventually points were being given out for any good answer; not even needing to be correct. The best part was when I asked them who sang the line “He drives to school every morning, while I walk alone in the rain.” 
Niall flat out jumped up.
“Yeah- me. I sing that.” He laughed.
I nodded and almost went to the next question. 
“Hold on.” Zayn interrupted and laughed. “You don’t sing that line.” 
“That’s my line you fool.” Harry chuckled and demonstrated how he sings it. I almost died, I swear to god. I didn’t know what to expect. When he sang it was just- wow.
“No shut the hell up, I sing that.” Niall protested. 
“Oh my gosh, how many times have we sung it live and all that!” 
“Get the song out, I can hear it in my head, me singing it and everything.” 

The rest of us were killing ourselves laughing as I struggled to type ‘I Would’ into YouTube  and click on the first video. 
And low and behold, it was Harry who sang the line.
Niall just kinda sat there in shock and shame.

“Don’t worry bud, it happens to the best of us.” Louis laughed and shook his shoulder in a comforting way.”
“I can’t breathe! I’m going to award Niall 50 points just for making us laugh so hard.” I said and added 50 under Niall’s name to a chart we’d full drawn up on the back of a T.V guide. 

“So who won after all that?” Liam asked and I stared very intensely at the paper, adding up everyone’s points.
“Well it was close. It was very, very close. But the winner of the official One Direction pop quiz is…..”
I dragged it out for ages and did a little drum roll on the coffee table and Liam’s head before Harry told me to get the fuck on with it and I had a moment of silence.
“The winner is…. ME. I WIN, YOU’RE ALL LOSERS. NONE OF YOU WIN. ONLY ME!” I sang and danced around the whole hotel room laughing maniacally to myself.

“That’s bullshit, I obviously won. Look at this!” Louis said and pointed his finger across the paper.
“I got 130 points! I won that fair and square.”
“Yeah well you aren’t the Judge mate, I am.”
“I swear to God…” Louis laughed and sighed. “Get out of here before you really cause some havoc.”
“Okay, okay. I’m getting ready for bed. Time to put my PJ’s on.” I said and grabbed my phone off the bench. 
“See you guys tomorrow when I strut my naked ass through that arena.” 
I winked at them and swung out of the door. 
“Yeah mum, I’m in my hotel room right now as we speak.” I said as I put my old navy t-shirt on for pyjamas. 
“It’s a fancy as shit room, I’m afraid to touch anything. I still feel bad for not paying. I even went back down to talk to their manager again about money but he threatened to drag me out of the hotel if I didn’t quit bugging him about it. But don’t worry, I’ll sneak some of those hotel bath salt thingo’s you like.”
“Oh yeah, get those. Also make sure you keep checking in with me. I like to know what you’re up too these days. What about uni? Is the second year as worse as the first?”
“Not really. I’m keeping up, don’t worry. You’re money’s not going to waste… all the time.”
“Okay, well look Rose I gotta go. I have a night out with the girls at the casino.”
“Sounds fun.”
“Yeah it will be! Look you stay safe and have fun with your friends before your holiday’s over…”

Okay, so I may not have told my mum exactly who I was staying with. But they are my friends so it’s not even a lie. Plus. I’m 19, I handle myself. I’m just worried she’ll go into that whole ‘you’re throwing your life away chasing boybands and not working for a good job!’
She’s not even strict, but she’s a single mum of two and all she’s ever wanted is for me and my brother to have a good life.

“Yeah I most absolutely will. Thanks for calling mum, it was nice to hear your voice. I love you.”
“I love you too Rose. …And remember those bath salts.” 

I put my phone on charge and started singing Little Mix’s new song. I full got the booty dancing out, and spent a good couple of minutes pretending to strut like Jesy across the room.

“SHIT.” I jumped and turned around. “For gods sake you need to quit jumping up on me.”
Harry stood at the door and I almost choked. He was wearing NO shirt. 
He also had long grey pyjama pant’s on and I could see a sneaky V-Line rising from the depths. STOP LOOKING WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU.

“I came to say goodnight.” He mumbled and folded his arms. He looked tired himself. But still hot.
“How nice of you. Goodnight.” I smiled.
“Can I ask… were you, uh, dancing just a moment ago?” Shit. He saw the booty dance. Mission abort.
He just smiled and chuckled a little underneath his breath. 
"You’re a terrible liar. And just for the record, it looked more like you were having an upwards seizure."
He came into the kitchen and stood by the stove.
"Don’t be jealous of the booty roll." I said and sat down on the couch in the centre of the room. It was dim even with the main lights on. 
"I don’t want to go to my room. It’s lonely." He smiled with his little dimple shining under the light.
"You’re welcome to stay, I’m not that interesting though, I’ll probably be on my laptop for half the night. But at least I’ll be awake."
"We can’t do sleepovers, we’re 19."
I almost fell over and died of shock. My mouth hung open as  stared at him.

"How can you say that!"
"The last sleepover I had was when I was like… I don’t know, 13 maybe?"
"What a shitty life you’ve lived. Get your blankets your sleeping over."
"I can’t, I have to get up early. Plus what will the neighbours think?" He laughed.
"Does it look like I care right now? No, because I don’t. Hurry, I’ll go with you, I’ve gotta make this worthwhile…" I said smiling evilly as I jumped off the couch.
"YEE-HAW!" I yelled and ran out the door.

Harry’s room was three down from mine and I zipped down the corridor and through the unlocked door. He walked close behind me until I hid behind the door of his room and waited for him to walk in.

"BOO FAGGOT!" I shouted and jumped out as he walked into his room.
I burst out laughing and turned on the lights to his room. He squeezed my shoulder muscles from behind which made my head curl up into a ball until I had adopted seven chins onto my face. 
I tried to elbow him away as he kept squeezing my neck.
"Aw Rose, what’s wrong?" He laughed. "I’m just trying to give you a hug!"
"F..uc..k ..y..ou" I choked out as I was paralysed into place.
"Come here." He said all sing-songy and squeezed me really tight from behind until I could barely breath. 

I kept kicking him until he finally let go of me and because of the force of me pushing, I fell flat to the ground. 
He started laughing so hard I thought we’d get noise complaints from the levels below us.
"You are such a faggot mate." I said trying not to laugh. "I could of died."
"Oh come on." He rolled his eyes and laughed as he walked over to his lounge. 
I got myself up and saw Zayn standing in the doorway of his room which was directly across from Harry’s. He was smiling very hard with his arms folded across his chest. I waved at him, but all he did was chuckle and go back into his room.

"Okay." Harry said with his hands on his hips. "What am I getting?"
"Well, grab your laptop, phone, pillow, blanket stuff, um those minty gum thing we eat after your shows AND your sleepover spirit." 
I whispered the last part to give it the full effect.
"Get ready mate."

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