Thanks For Nothing (Justin Bieber FanFic)

Thanks For Nothing is Bieber FanFic. It's kinda a filler for all the lost time with my other stories. No sequels tho, it's just a filler(:
~Stay Swaggy~


1. Nerd 8-(

"Get Outta Here Nerd"

"No one likes you Dork"

"Go kill Yourself Fatass"

"Who let you in, I thought it was an all HUMAN school"


You see that, that's not even half of the insults I get every single day. I don't get it tho. I try so hard to fit in and make others happy. But it doesn't work. I mean is it that bad that I care about my grades? I didn't think so. Oh, where are my manners. Hi, I'm Selena. But you can call me Nerd, Fatass, Bitch, Anorexic Whore... Whatever pops in your head. I know I shouldn't let it happen but what can you do. I'm 17. I'm a junior. It's almost summer if you're wondering. 1 more year. That's all, just one more. I'm pretty short for my age, I'm 5'2" I have long Dark Brown hair that goes down to my belly button. I wear these glasses, supposedly they're 'all I can afford'. Sike ass, there's a secret. I tell people that my mom works at Walmart and my dad works at subway. But truth is....

My mom is a fashion designer. While my dad is a music producer. Yes I live in a mansion. No, no one comes over. Yes, I like it that way. No one knows that. Except for my best friend... Molly. She's just like me. She's taller, long hair. But the difference. She's head cheerleader, while I work on the news paper. Don't ask how we met. Long Story.

Molly is a girly girl. She wears dresses, skirts, heels, crop tops. While I'm more of a tom boy. You know, longboards, sweats, beanies. That cool shit(: everyday, I wonder how we collided. I mean seriously. We're total opposites. But we've known eachother for almost 16 years. Preschool(:

Anyways. It's my story(: I want the attention for the first time. Well my parents don't know about the school thing. But I don't mind. I kinda like living a double world, like that Hannah Montana Chick. But anyways. My interests(: I like singing, acting, rapping, long boarding, listening to music, studying, playin instruments.

But mostly...Dancing<3

Well. I gotta get up early tomorrow. Soooo, Bye Bitches. :P



Hey guys.(: this is a filler story. Just to kinda keep u updated. I'm not really tryin so hard on this story because I know that I'm working on other stories. Which I still am. Just know that by this weekend or next week, a preview of another story and a chapter of Birthweek is coming out. :P

~Stay Swaggy~

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