Thanks For Nothing (Justin Bieber FanFic)

Thanks For Nothing is Bieber FanFic. It's kinda a filler for all the lost time with my other stories. No sequels tho, it's just a filler(:
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3. Great...-.-

Hey, Read the End Notes ASAP!!!


Sel's POV


"Well, its 2 more weeks until Prom, silly." Molly said pushing my shoulder a bit.

"Didnt you just hear yourself.?" I asked. I stood up and fixed up my sweats a bit. She stayed seated and spoke. 

"Well, I just wanted to show everyone that I do have pretty dresses, and Ill be wearing the best on that special day. I just really hope Josh asks me out." She continued, daydreaming a little. I glared at her a bit.

"Really, who cares?!?!" I shrieked a bit. "I mean its 1 night. Dresses, Makeup, Masks.. Not my thing. And i dont even wanna mention the heels." I said faking a little shiver for emphasize. I grabbed my longboard and put my supras on.

"Well, you ARE going. And you cant do anything about it" She said grabbing her purse and getting into the car. I sighed.

"Oh no I'm not" I spoke to myself.

"YES YOU ARE!" Molly yelled, hearing me. I sighed and locked the door and walked to her car. I placed my longboard in the back and buckled up. She began the drive. It was somewhat far away. About a mile, But i knew some shortcuts with my longboard. I turned on the radio, and I swear I died. 

"Ahhhh" Molly screamed. I covered my ears and turned down the radio. But she just turned it up higher.

~She said it's her first time
I think she might of lied
Feels so good damn, and I don't know why
I'm addicted, something like an addict
Got me twisted, but still I gotta have it~

"Stop it!" I said covering my ears.

"Don't hate on my man" Molly said turning it down a little. I rolled my eyes.

"You've only met him once. Calm yourself" I giggled at my statement. But she didnt find it amusing whatsoever, because all she did was glare at me and the road.

"Ok, obviously you don't understand. Because you only care about Eminem. Like, who names their son after candy? Ridiculous to me." She said scoffing.

"Don't make me mess up your little hair style..Dork" She gasped and looked into the rear view mirror and made sure her hair was perfect. I giggled.

"You wouldn't" She sounded worried.

"Well don't talk about him like that than." She nodded and we kept driving. Then in no time, We arrived..... Great-.-



Okay, we need to chat a bit. I know I havent really updated in awhile, but i have reasons.

1. Justin Bieber got arrested yesterday/today. He had his hearing today and he got out but he has to pay $2,500 fine. For DUI(Driving while under the Influence) $1,000. Resistance Without Violence was $500. And Expired License was $1,000. He got arrested for drag racing tho. But I mean honestly, I like this BadAss Image of him.. haha, I dont know about you tho, Comment Below.

2. I Still have Finals -.- Kill me now. But they're almost done with sooo Pheww.

3. My cousin and aunt are moving soon, so we have to help them pack and move in. 

Those are the main reasons. But if you guys can become fans, and comment, and favourite my stories; I'll make sure to make chapters for every new fan I get. But you need to help me out guys(:

Thanks Babes<3

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